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Storm Thorgerson

I am very sad to write this blog today. I didn't plan that I would blog today, but I received the bad news yesterday in the evening. So I decided to write something about this lovely man who left the world yesterday. Me and my boyfriend were playing cards, and when I went to the bathroom, he checked if there were any news on the internet. When I returned to the livingroom, he looked at me with a sad look on his face. I knew it had to do with Pink Floyd. And I was right.

I've always been a fan of Storm Elvin Thorgerson's work. He was such a great artist and he designed covers etc for several band. He was a british graphic designer and a music video director, and he is known for creating the greatest album covers of all time. He had something psychedelic about some of his work, but it was also a 'simple' capture of something you see, but never think of as art. But this man did. I will like to bring up the design on the cover for "Dark side of the moon". I've read several places that he had loads of different covers that Pink Floyd would come and check out, and one of the covers would they choose to use on what became their best selling album. The band came into hiw studio, and when they laid eyes on what we know is the cover of "Dark side." they all knew that it was the right cover. So simple, but yet so powerful. I am very proud of my "Dark side of the moon" tattoo. The tattoo will remindme of the great band, the great album and the great man behind the design.

Shine on Storm

Storm Thorgerson was born in Potters bar, Herts, in 1944. He did of course studie Film and tv, but he started his studies in philosophy. His career started when he and Aubrey Powell started a designer group called Hipgnosis. They started of in the late 60's and kept it going til 1983. Then Storm Thorgerson worked with album covers until his death in 2013. Hipgnosis first work was actually for Pink Floyd and the album "A saucerful of secrets" from 1968. Then in 69' it was for the album "More", followed by "Ummagumma" the same year. In 1970 it was time for "Atom heart mother" and the cover of a cow (Lulubelle III) on a field. The same year they also designed the cover for Syd Barrett's solo album "The Madcap laughs".  In 1971 it was time for their cover for the album "Meddle" wich is a close up picture of an ear. In 72' they designed the cover for "Obscured by clouds".

In 1973 Pink Floyd were asking Hipgnosis if they could get a desing for their brand new album. "Reflecting a light through a prism is a common feature in nature, as in a rainbow. I would like to claim it, but unfortunatly it's not mine!" - Storm Thorgerson.
The idea came from Richard Wright. He said he wanted somewhat provocatively. He said "Let's not have one of your photos, we've had your photos before. Can't we have a change? A cool graphic - something smart, tidy, elegant".
And now, that cover is one of the most known cover of all times.

The man and the masterpiece

In 1974 the Hipgnosis made covers for Pink Floyds "A nice pair" and Syd Barrett's "Syd Barrett". In 1975 it was time for "Wish you were here": I've always wanted a tattoo from that album. It's so many wonderful pictures, and they are perfect for a tattoo. Maybe that album will be my next ;)
In 97' Hipgnosis made the cover for the album "Animals". The one with the Power station and the flying pig. AMAZING! In 78' both Richard Wright and David Gilmour made a solo album, which Hipgnosis designed the covers for. David's was "David Gilmour" and Richard's was "Wet dream".
Hipgnosis last work for Pink Floyd were "A collection of great dance songs" in 81', and the same year they made a cover for Nick Mason's solo album "Fictitious sports'. After Hipgnosis were dissolved, he continued designing covers, such as for "Echoes - the best of Pink Floyd", "A momentary lapse of reasons", "Delicate sound of thunder", "Shine on", The division bell", "PULSE", "Relics", "Is there anybody out there" and "Oh, by the way".

Richard Wright & Storm Thorgerson
Two legends

After all these years, he and the members of Pink Floyd became close friends. Storm were, in fact, David Gilmour's best man at his wedding. He seemd like such an amazing man, and the world will miss him and his exellent work. As a Pink Floyd fan, it's been a great run with this man, and he will be remembered for a very, very long time. I will always think of him, everytime I see one of his designed covers. I'm glad I bought his book a few years back, where you'll find his Pink Floyd works. I was looking in it, for the first time in a long time, andI just had to try and honour this man in the best way.

Storm Thorgerson. You will be missed and never forgotten.
The greatest 'Storm' has left the world. 
Rest in peace

Have a look at his amazing work!

A saucerful of secrets



Atom heart mother


Obscured by clouds

Dark side of the moon

A nice pair

Wish you were here


A great collection of great dance songs

The madcap laughs

Syd Barrett

David Gilmour

Wet dream (Richard Wright)

Fictitious sports (Nick Mason)

A momentary lapse of reason

Delicate sound of thunder

Shine on

The division bell



Is there anybody out there

Echoes - The best of Pink Floyd

Oh by the way

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