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One slip

I am so sick and tired of reading for my stupid exams! Had my first last friday, and the next one is on tuesday. I can't say I am ready for it, and I'm not sure if I'll ever be. I've been reading and taking notes for 8 hours today. The only breaks I've had was when I had to make lunch and dinner. So you might all know that this is not the best way to enjoy the weekend and a saturday! That is just why I decided to write and listen to Pink Floyd for a while, and just relax! I've said it before, but I really wish I could take a bachelor degree in Pink Floyd! That would be truly amazing!

HAHA, me when I was around 13-14 years old
Always a Pink Floyd fan

I know I've always said that I perfer Pink Floyd WITH Roger Waters, and I've actually been taking some distance to the albums after Roger. I've heard all the songs before, but it's like I haven't allowed myself to get too attached to the songs. But then I had a great idea when I started lreading for my exams. Listen to songs I don't know all the lyrics to. What a great great idea. The only problem was that there were some songs I just wanted to listen to again and again and again. Like "One Slip".

"A momentary lapse of reason" cover

I have this weird thing about Pink Floyd. I've heard all their songs (I'm pretty sure, but you never know), and I know all their albums etc. But the music comes in phases. So when I were supposed to read for my exams, this song blew my mind. If you listen to one song one day, it might catch you, but not always. And this was the first time this song catched me. It is such an amazing feeling! The song helps you getting through the day, it cheerish you when you've been reading all day long, it is great just relaxing to, and if there is a quiet day at work, it's a great song to sing in your head. Or out loud. Whatever suits you.

The single for "One slip"

"One slip" is, as I said from an album after Roger Waters left the band. The song is from the wonderful album "A momentary lapse of reason" from 1987. That is just a few years before I was born! I should have been born earlier, so that I could attend live concerts from when Pink Floyd played at UFO club in London, to The Wall concert in the early 80s and to the PULSE concerts and Roger Waters with his performances from his solo albums. Very well, I've been to 11 Roger Waters concerts, but none where I've seen David Gilmour or Nick Mason.
I can't find anything on his page..

I want to meet this guy and/or see him performe live

Back to the song! "One slip" is song number 4 on this album and the lyricist on this album is Anthony Moore, and Mr. Moore borrowed this title from thriller novelist Frederich Forsyth, who himself purloined it from William Shakespeare. The subject matter is not Julius Caesar, however, but Forsyth's mercenary soliders.
The song is just so great. I don't know what it is. There is something about that album. It doesen't have the typical Pink Floyd craziness, but it's still a bit crazy, but in a whole different way.
One thing that made me love this song even more, is that it's in this song they sing "A momentary lapse of reason". And that is just great.

Me so tired!!!

I am so very tired after reading all these hours today, so todays blog is not the best. My english is bad, and I can't get out what I really feel for this song, so I think I'll just end it here.
All in all, the song is great, David Gilmour have an amazing voice and...
The lyrics is to be found under the video, so listen, read/sing the lyrics and just dream yourself away.

A restless eye across a weary room
A glazed look and I was on the road to ruin
The music played and played as we whirled without end
No hint, no word her honour to defend

I will, I will she sighed to my request
And then she tossed her mane while my resolve was put to the test
Then drowned in desire, our souls on fire
I lead the way to the funeral pyre
And without a thought of the consequence
I gave in to my decadence

One slip, and down the hole we fall
It seems to take no time at all
A momentary lapse of reason
That binds a life for life
A small regret, you won't forget,
There'll be no sleep in here tonight

Was it love, or was it the idea of being in love?
Or was it the hand of fate, that seemed to fit just like a glove?
The moment slipped by and soon the seeds were sown
The year grew late and neither one wanted to remain alone

One slip, and down the hole we fall
It seems to take no time at all
A momentary lapse of reason
That binds a life to a life
The one regret, you will never forget,
There'll be no sleep in here tonight

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