søndag 6. januar 2013

Happy birthday Roger Keith Barrett

Yay birthday boy!

Today is Syd's 67th birthday. Happy birthday to you, wherever you are! As you all know, Syd died 7 years ago, but he will always live on in my heart! He is one of the brilliant people behind my favourite music, and without him in the band, I don't think it would be the same! The world would be a sad place to live if the album "The piper at the gates of dawn" never were released. All the whimsical tunes, funny but also some true lyrics, fairytales etc! There are just too many wonderful songs on that album, and since they were all written by Syd (except "Take up thy stethoscope and walk" - Roger Waters), the future of Pink Floyd would not be the same.


Bright colours and 'Lennon' sun-glases

The end of the 60's

Well, today is not about any particular albums or songs. It's about the wonderul man Syd Barrett.
He was born in Cambridge, England in 1946. They were 5 children in this middle-class family. The father in the family did early notice that his son, Syd, had a thing for music, so the father encouraged Syd to try play different instruments. That was a good thing!
I think I've been writing much the same before, so I'll just end it here today.

Happy birthday Syd!!Hope you are doing great, wherever you are! 
Shine on you crazy diamond

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