fredag 25. januar 2013

David Kilminster

Today it's my good friend David Kilminster's birthday!
David Kilminster have been touring with Roger Waters since the Dark side of the moon tour in 2006! He plays the guitar, and I must say he does a GREAT job! For the last three years, he's been touring with "The Wall" with Roger Waters and he is the one you can spot on the top of the wall during "Comfortably numb". It was after "The Wall" tour started that I got to know him.

He gave me a guitar pick! 

The first time I saw him on stage was on the Dark side of the moon tour in Oslo in 2006, I was in the front line, standing up against the fence, and I noticed his amazing guitar, how brilliantly good he was playing it, and the best of all, he did often look into the audience, making eye contact and smiling a lot! The second time I saw him, I was also in the front line, and almost in the same spot as the year before, and he was still focusing much on the audience and he was still smiling all the time. The only thing that was not good this night was that there were to many people pushing and that made me very uncomfortable, and I was about to pass out and a guard had to lift me over the fence and take me away from the scene area. So I didn't get to see the very last part of the last song. But it was still great!

Hugs in Denmark

When I went to my first "The Wall concert" in Oslo in 2011, I got to meet David for the first time before the show. He was such a nice guy, and he was so easy to talk to. I had some problems breathing (I was way too exited) and then he took my hand and told me to breath and asked if I was ok. And then he brought me on stage, and I got to hold his guitar! And this is a guitar I've seen live so many times and I've seen pictures, and think it is so beautiful, and he let me hold her!

Rocking on stage before the show

After the gig in Oslo, we met up in Denmark, Germany and in Australia, and we had coffee in Sydney two days in a row. I concider David one of my good friend, and I am so happy that I got to know him!

Happy birthday David! Shine on! :0))

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