fredag 18. januar 2013

Pow R Toc H

When I sat on the bus home from work today I was listening to "Pow R Toc H" from the album "The piper at the gates of dawn". It's been a while since I was listening to this song the last time. I don't know why, because it's absolutely amazing! When I started listening to this album, many years ago, this song was one of my favourites.

Party boys! It would have been wonderful to party with these four men!

This is one of few songs on the album that's not just Barrett's masterpiece! It's written jointly by all four members, and it is a well made song. It's instumental with some vocal effects. The vocal effects just makes the song even better. AND they always makes me smile. It's funny and Roger Waters is a master on the vocal effects. There are also a great part in the song where we can hear Richard Wright play the piano.

Both the band's mamagers Andrew King & Peter Jenner suggested that the title of the song was just word sounds. Pow was certainly in youth culture common parlance at the time from comic books like Batman. Toc H might have related to the charity of the same name values of whose mission statement - 'commited to building a fairer society by working with communeties to promote friendship and service, confront prejudice and practise reconciliation' would certanly have had a lot of resonance with members of the late 60's UK alternative society and the band itself.

All in all, it's a wonderful song, and for you who don't know this song, listen to it, enjoy and love! 
Have a wodnerful weekend, and thank you for reading! 

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