søndag 23. desember 2012

The Wall Tattoo

Yesterday I got to complete my own wall and my wonderful "The Wall" tattoo. It is to be found on my right leg, and I have now three images that is working into each other. I have been posting picures of the first two before, but here they are one more time. Let's start with the hammers! I got the hammers a few years ago, and when I got that tattoo, I knew I wanted at least one more. It took me a few year, but I completed the tattoo in 6 months.

The hammer tattoo was the first "The Wall" tattoo

As I just wrote, as soon as I got this tattoo, I knew I wanted more, and I had a few ideas, but they never came to life before the summer 2012. I called the place where I got the hammer tattoo, and asked if they had the posibility to tattoo a new piece on my leg. I wanted the same guy who tattooed the hammers and Dark side of the moon. Even though he had his summer vacation, he wanted to tattoo my next piece. He works in Bergen city at a tattoo shop called Let's Buzz. They are great, so I'm always feeling safe when my skin is in his hands!

The flowers from "Empty Spaces" were my tattoo number two (on the leg!)

Look how great they are built together!

After this tattoo, I knew I had to complete my wall, and I was planning on doing it sometime before one year was gone. And then came the news about Roger Waters are coming back to Europe to performe "The Wall" one last time, so then I wanted to complete the tattoo in good time before the shows started! I know, you can get an appointment easily, but since I don't live near Bergen, I have to plan when to get my next one. I don't go to Bergen every week or every month, but I knew I was going home to my parents for christmas, and what do you know!? They could complete the tattoo a few days before christmas. So yesterday was the day! Me and my boyfriend went to the city and saw what the tattoo could be like. I wanted to tattoo the screaming face that comes out of the wall, screaming during "What shall we do now". I've seen a few tattoos of that image, and very few of them vere great! Some vere ok, but mostly I didn't like them. If my tattoo guy couldn't make it exactly like I wanted it, I'd rather put in som writing or a image of Pink. 
But he could do it! He was great, and he vere able to make it even better then I ever hoped it would be! 

The sceaming face (and the family dog)

How it's built into the old tattoos!

This is just a close up picture to see the detail of the soliders marching! Great touch! Here, the plastic is still on, but I will post some better photos of it later! 

Merry christmas to me!
What a great christmas present! 
Thank you my love 

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