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Roger Waters live from 2006-1012

Me on the stage in Oslo, before the concert

Ahh, just had one of those days where all you can think of is how wonderful music Pink Floyd made and how wonderful it was to see Roger Waters live, performing "The Wall".
I've probably written it before, but I went to 3 Roger Waters concert during "Dark side of the moon" tour. I thought this was amazing!! I've been a fan for so long, and then suddenly an old friend of mine called me to bring me the good news that Roger Waters was coming to Norway. At first I didn't believe it, but after sercing on the internet, I got the confirmation I needed! He was coming, and I had to go to Oslo to see him. Not a problem, even though I could be unlucky enough to get choosed to have an oral exam the day after the concert! I brought my family and two good friend of mine, and we headed for Oslo!! I was lucky not to be choosed for the exam, the weather was amazing, and I got to see my hero, LIVE, and on stage in Oslo, june 14, 2006. This day changed my life!!

Got to hold Davids favourite guitar, Rose (Oslo)

The concert was a thousend times better then I would ever expect!!! The songs he played was amazing. During the first half, he played different songs from different albums, and the second half was "Dakr side of the moon". Just brilliant. And it was in fact at my first gig that I noticed David Kilminster. I knew all the people who were going to be on stage (seen them on live dvd's and so), but the Killer, I'd never seen before, and he was standing just a few meters from me. I was totally amazed by his guitar playing. I later got to know him on the internet, and last year, we met for the first time! He is such a great guy and so nice, so I am very glad I got to meet and know him. I concider him avery good friend.

Me and Pat Lennon (vocal) (Oslo)

The year after the concert, Roger had the same tour, but this time he brought it to Bergen (I live about 20 minutes from there!!). I did of course go to that concert as well! It was really good this time as well, the only negative thing was that it was indoor, and I was all up in the front, and I almost passed out during the last song, since it was so warm and not any room to move. So that sucked, but it was still amazing. AND one year after that again, Roger didn't come to Norway, but he was going to Denmark, and so I went to Denmark. It was too close to miss it! That too was a really great show. So 2006, 2007 and 2008 I got to see Roger and his band live!! And then he didn't return in 2009, and I was fearing that I'd seen the last of him.

Me and Snowy White (Oslo)

Luckily I was wrong! He came back in 2011! I bought tickets in 2010, almost a year before, so I was exited and was counting down the days. Because this time it would be something new! He was going to perform "The Wall". That is an album I really do love, and always had. Benn amazed by the songs, lyrics, animations etc. Everything was so powerful and different. And it was! On the first concert, in the beginning during "In the flesh?" I was crying like a baby! I was so happy to be there and felt so unbelivable happy! I was wondering what I had to do to deserve this. The show went on, and I loved every minute of it!! And I think my family loved it too. During tht one concert, they all got their eyes opened, so they could finally see what the fuzz was about.
For years I've been torturing them with my knowledge of the band and the music, and I would get sick nd tired of it too! haha, but I couldn't help it! I'm not a school smart girl, but I know my Pink Floyd!

Harry Waters, me and my boyfriend (Berlin)

After the gig in Oslo, we were planning to go home, but 'out of the blue', we got five new tickets for the show the day after, so we had to cansell our flight and post-phone our trip back home! If this had been during the "Dark side of the moon tour", I'm not sure how easily my family would just post-phone everything, but after "The Wall", we all agreed to saty one more day. And after that it all begun! Just a few months later, me, my sister and my boyfriend went to Denmark to see a concert, and then we went sraight to Germany, where we met my dad, and we got to see two more concerts. After this, we were sure that this was it. But we were wrong...

Before my very first "The Wall" concert

I got to know that Roger was going to Australia, and since I've been living down there for about 5 months earlier, I really wanted to go, and my parents, sister and boyfriend also wanted to go, so we went. In the wonderful land down under we got to see two concerts in Brisbane and one in Sydney. We had a wonderful trip, and the concerts just made it even better.

David Kilminster and me (Sydney)

The shows that Roger put up, is breathtaking! He is such a brilliant man, and he is able to collect the most brilliant musicians! It's just wonderful how one person can love music like that. That I want to travel the world to experience it, and that I'm never getting tired of it. That is what a real hobby should be all about!

I'll see you all on the dark side of the moon. Or the wall. 
We're all lunatics

Any coulour you like- from DSOTM tour





The Wall

The Wall

The Wall

The Wall

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