lørdag 20. oktober 2012

Pink Floyd party

Well, it's finally saturday, and I'm having some friends over tonight for a Pink Floyd evening. That means something good to drink, some snacks and of course the greatest music ever made on the stereo. Unfortunaly I don't have too many friends who like the music, so there will be a small party. I reckon that over 50% of my PF friends lives in another counrty. Norway is not a good country to live in if you like musick like Pink Floyd, Beatles and other music that was made on the time where people made their own songs and were able to play instruments.

Bring on the great music!

When I meet new people, and they tell me that they like old music, I'm in shock. I'm not used to it, so it surprises me every time! One of the girls that are attending the party tonight, is one of my best friends, and I just met her about two years ago. I was living with a childhood buddy of mine, and he had a friend he'd met a few years ago, and one night, two years ago, we were having a get-together. That was the first time I met Linn. We did not talk so much in the beginning, but when we got to talk about music, she said what she'd liked, and the first thing I ever said to her was "I like you!". She had this great taste in music, and later on I found out that she was a Liverpool supporter as well. And since then we've been great friends! She is the girl I invite on a thursday evening to drink wine and listen to Pink Floyd, Beatles and Springsteen.

Me & Linn on one of our thursday nights

Other then her, my boyfriend will attend and also a girl I am studying with. So we are four people. But what can make four people happy on asaturday evening? PINK FLOYD!

Me & Aina at a concert

Me & my boyfriends after "The Wall" concert in Berlin

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend with Pink Floyd on the stereo!

Run like hell!
We're gonna dance to this song toight! :)

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