søndag 21. oktober 2012

Happy birthday Jon Carin

Today is Jon Carins birthday! He is now 48 years old. Yay Jon!

For those of you who don't know who Jon Carin is, I will tell you! I've seen him live 11 times, but I never got to meet him. And that is a bit sad, because he seems like a really nice and down to earth man. AND he is a genious on the keyboards, synthesizer, guitar,etc  and his voice is amazing too. So for the last years, Jon have been on tour with Roger Waters, but he has also been playing with David Gilmour and Pink Floyd. So he is well known in the Pink Floyd world. Jon has been playing for Pink Floyd, David Gilmour and Roger Waters for the last 27 years. I think he like the music!

I really do admire what he is doing. He is such a great musician, and he has been playing with my favourite band for a so long time. I am crossing my fingers that "The Wall" tour will be coming back to Europe soon, so I get to see him again, and the rest of the brilliant people Roger has been choosing to play on his tour. It must happend. I am not done yet ;)

Jon & Roger

Jon & David

So I wish Jon Carin a great b'day, and hope that his day is going to be great, and filled with joy and happiness! Shine on Jon!

This is from the live dvd "In the flesh" and I choose to show you the song "Dogs" where Jon Carin plays a big role. Wonderful voice indeed!

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