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Brit Floyd

Last tuesday, I went to my second Brit Floyd concert. I saw them last year as well, so I couldn't miss the show this year! And I'm glad I went. These guys are brilliant musicians! All of them plays a big part in the show, and they are one of few bands who plays music that is not the most known songs.

How can you have any pudding if you don't eat your meat?!

Before the show I went to Bergen with my boyfriend to meet one of my dearest friends Linn. We went out for dinner and then we went to have pre-drinks at one of Linn's friend. We had a great time and were of course listening to Pink Floyd. After a while, my sister and a friend of her joined us and my dad met us about 20 minutes before the show. We went to buy some more drinks and then we went to find our seats. We sat on the second row, so we got to see everything close up! I had no one in front of me, so that ment that no one could tell me to shut up if I sang too much or made to much noise. And that is something I always do when I'm listening to great music!

From 'Time'

The show started around 20.30, and the light went down, and the animation and sound started to play. There was no one on the stage yet. The animation is quite similar to the original animation, but they have made it to 'their own'. The sounds were getting higher and we could start to hear clock ticking from 'time', bells ringing from 'high hopes', the sound of money from 'money', and what impressed me the most was that they had sounds from the song 'several species of small furry animals gathered together in a cave and grooving with a pict'- I've never heard another cover band using that song! So at that moment, I knew I was up for something great!

He threw me his guitar pick!!

The band came on stage, and they started with 'Shine on you crazy diamond' and during that song they showed lots of pictures of Syd Barrett. And I got tears in my eyes! And then they actually followed up with 'See Emily play'! That is a great song by Syd Barrett, so I loved that I got to listen to it that night. The deal is that in the local paper some people wrote that since the band was playing two days in a row in Bergen, there were going to be two different set lists as well. But that was not true. So we'd kinda expected some other songs, that was never performed, but I didn't mind that much, since I love it all.

I love this picture, and I always get tears in my eyes when I see it. This is from the song 'wish you were here'

Brit Floyd performed songs from many different albums. The guy who were singing, had such a wonderful voice. He didn't sound like Roger, David, Rick or Nick, but the voice was so beautiful, and it was suitable to all the songs. It could be soft like David and Rick's but also a bit more sharp like Rogers. It was really fun listening to him! He did a good job. And then you have the guitar players. They were great too! They were playing the guitar but they were singing too. The drums was amazing, but they were a bit loud on 'Echoes' during the legendary keyboard & guitar solo. The sound of the keyboard was hard to hear, cause they had decided to put in a drum solo as well. So that was not my favourite part, but it was still good. And yes, they played 'echoes' from beginning to the end.

The man with the great voice

When the show was about to be over, the band told us that they would put the focus on the Roger Waters 'The Wall' live tour that has been going on for the last two years, and so they started of with 'Hey you'. They did a great job, but not as good as Roger Waters and Robbie Wycoff does it on 'The Wall'!! I thnk me and Linn agreed that it was not as good ;) We didn't say a word, but we just sent each other a few looks, and than we were agreed. We often had these amazing evenings together, just me and her, and we are drinking wine and are listening, singing and dancing to Pink Floyd, The Beatles and Bruce Springsteen. So we know what we want to hear!!

Me & my great friend Linn
Dancing on the table during one of our girl nights

The band played from 'The Wall', disc 2 all the way to 'Run like hell'. And that was the song they ended with. (They did not play 'The show must go on'!) And when they were performing 'Run like hell', the vocalist had put on a leather coat, like the one that Roger wears, and it looked like he hda a great time on stage during that song!

Guitar player number two

It ended with that song, and the band was getting great chearing and aplause! Almost everyone was standing up! It was such a great ending, and I had been standing up and was dancing to the last song. The guitar player on the left side, was throwing his guitar pick, and I ran to catch it! I was sending him big smiles when I got it, and I hope he saw how glad I was! That was actually my first thing that I've catched from the stage during a show! The drum player walked over to the rest of the band, and we had eye contact before he threw me his drum sticks!!! I got to catch the one of them, but there was a stupid man who took the other one, even though everyone could see that I was the one the drum player was throwing them at. The guy who took the other one was sitting still suring the entire show, and he didn't clap to all the songs. He did it just to be mean I think. But I got one, and I'm happy for it :)

For all of you that haven't seen Brit Floyd before, go see the show if they are coming to a city near you! :)

Wish you were here

Learning to fly

High hopes - for my sister <3

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