fredag 2. september 2011

Don't leave me now

This song is from the album "The Wall", an album I have been listening to non-stop since the end of april this year. After I went to the Roger Waters gig, I can't help it that I need my daily dose of the music from the album. During the last months, I'm pretty sure that I've ben listening to the album, and seen clips on youtube at least a hundred times... It truly is a masterpiece!

This song "Don't leave me now" is at the end of the first cd, and Roger has been referring to his first wife in this song! So when the wife leave Pink in the movie "The Wall", this is from Rogers life.
From the movie: The wife is entering the room Pink is in

And suddenly turns into backward leaning harlot 

From the book "The making of "The Wall" by Gerald Scarfe, mr scarfe said this about this song:

The song “Don’t leave me now” is about co-dependence. How those of us whose spirit and sexual identity has become crushed by our early circumstances and who tend to define ourselves in terms of the relationships we develop rather than as individuals in our own right, especially me, and Bob Geldof here, obviously.

This song is not the song I'm listening to every day, but I think it is great when it is in the show or in the film, but I wont lie.. This song is probably the song on the bottom of the list of all the songs from this album, but it still doesen't mean that I don't like it ;) The instrumental part at the end is breathtaking! And I love it when Roger performe this song live!
The wife dummy, made by Gerald Scarfe

Actually, when I was young and watched "The Wall live in Berlin" for the first time, this song freaked me out. There were this scary masks and the song seemed so sad and depressed (which it probably is!), so that might be the reason why I don't like it as much as some of the other songs. I think it scared me a bit.
The wife talking to the judge in the trial (from the movie)

Here's a film of the song from one of the shows from Roger Waters tour. Enjoy ;)
Love the dummy of the wife, and the green, kinda' creepy colour!!

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