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Take up that stethescope and walk

Roger Waters birthday is today! This amazing man is now 68 years old, today actually. And he still looks good and he is still making the best music! The reason why I choose this title today, is  because this song was his first as a Floyd member. The song is from the album "The piper at the gates of dawn", which was mostly made by Syd Barrett. After this song, he's writing exploded, and he became a great lyricis. After Syd left the group, Roger became their new leader, and he's been the lead lyricis since, with off course good help from David Gilmour.
A very young Roger Waters

One thing that truly is amazing about this man, it that he's always been trying to use the crazyness that Syd used as a leader. I feel that Gilmour didn't.
Roger was the one who almost wrote the entire "The Wall" cd, exept a few songs made by him and David Gilmour and Bob Ezrin. After "The Wall", "The final cut" came, and this cd was the only one made without Richard Wright (Roger fired him during The Wall), and it was the last one from Pink Floyd with Roger. Roger was writing all the songs and felt that the rest of the band was useless, so he quit.
In the late 60s og early 70s

After Roger left the band, he started a solo career. He made a few albums, like "The pro's and con's of hitch hiking", "Amused to death" etc, and he also made a opera called "Cà Ira". Beside that, theres some singles, and I reckon that they're all good! The man is brilliant!
Probably from a gig wher PF played "Careful with that axe, Eugene" or something. Love the screaming!

As a Pink Floyd fan, my biggest dream was to get to experience one of the members in Pink Floyd live. In 2006 the dream came true! Roger Waters came to Oslo, and I had tickets!!!
The year after, he came back, but this time, he were playing in Bergen, so I went there as well. Off course!
The year after that again, Roger didn't come to Norway, so we had to go to Denmak. Not a problem for a Pink Floyd family! All these three years, he played the same gig, "Dark side of the moon". The gig was great, and I never found it booring, even though I'd seen it before. I never got tired of the music.
From the gig in 2006 or 2007

I studied a few months in Australia, and one day I was reading the news, and I couldn't hold my tears back when I saw what Roger was up to! He said that he would be touring with "The Wall"... I had to go.. It took a while before he anounced the dates in Norway, and I got tickets almost a year ahead. In row 2... CRAZY!
The months went by, and I was counting days, and suddenly I was in Oslo. <3
The gig were great, and the day I thought we were going home, my friend, David Kilminster (guitar player in The Wall), gave me 5 tickets for the show the next day! So we had to stay!!

From the "The Wall" gig

A few months later, I wanted more of the music, so I went to see one gig in Denmark and two in Germany.. So all in all, I've seen this wonderful man 8 times.. And I'm wishing for more gig's when I'm going to Australia <3

Happy birthday Roger Waters! ME ELSKA DEG!!

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