torsdag 15. september 2011

Summer 68'

This day, three years ago, I recieved some really sad news.. The lovely Richard Wright passed away. It was my dad who called me to let me know. My eyes filled up with tears and I felt so sad. It were such a loss for the entire world, and especially in the music world. This man brought so much to the world. So many songs.. One song that was stuck on my mind for weeks after his dead was "Summer 68'", from the album "Atom heart mother". I found this video on youtube and I'm sure I watched it at least once a day for weeks..
Well, I couldn't find the movie to put in here, but here's the link:

This song is off course written by Richard Wright, and the song's never been very popular.. Many Floyd fans never heard it before. But once you've heard it, you gonna lov it :)

Richard Wright were in the band from the beginning, but during the "The Wall" tour, or actually after, he was kicked out of the band. Roger felt he didn't do anything.. So Richard was not in the album "The final cut", but after Roger left, Richard came back, and joined Pink Floyd as long as they were touring and doing gigs. Later on he also played at Davids gigs. Most know is "Live in Gdansk". Here's a clip from a few weeks after Rick passed away, and David's lovely words to him <3

So you can all understand that this is a really sad day indeed, but I'll use it to celebrate what a great man he were!!! And I will always miss him, but luckily the music is still with us <3

This song is from one of his solo albums.. Love the song. Storm Thorgerson is off course the genius behind this picture.

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