fredag 5. august 2011

High hopes

My sisters favourite PF song. Such a pretty song!
The song is on the album "The division bell" which is the last album by Pink Floyd (without Roger Waters, that is!). It's a song that makes you get all emotional.. It's hard to explain, but the song does something with you. I don't know if it's the bell's that are ringing, the lyrics or what it is.!

The music video (this picture is from the video!) is magical!!!

The song is written by David Gilmour, but also with a bit help from his wife, Polly Samson. The song is actually about Davids childhood and early life. David says that the song became more personal then he first had planned.
David later said:
"The process in the recording studio is just as important. Or more. That is a very... frustrating and satisfying process at different times. When you get something and it sounds just how you heard it in your head and you think, "That's going to get across to people." There are moments when something happens quickly and wonderfully. High Hopes on the last record. I wrote it very quickly, the words with my now wife Polly. I went into the studio on my own and demoed the whole thing, played everything. Did it in a day. Came out of the studio at the end of the day {quiet whisper} feeling ****ing fantastic. That moment. That joy, the pride at having got to that point was absolute magic. And the obverse is when you just can't... but I'm not going to name tracks."

I reckon that he might have been talking about "High hopes" :)

The video, as I said, is absolutely fantastic!!! I don't know why.. But everything is in slow-motion, and it fits perfect with the music.. A masterpiece, I'll say!
No wonder that the video is so good. It was directed by Storm Thorgerson. I will write more about this man later on, but just so you know, he were in the british art group, Hipgnosis, and he has made the covers for albums like "Animals", "Dark side of the moon" etc.. Brilliant man....

Pink Floyd (without Roger!!)¨

Richard, David and Nick

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