lørdag 6. august 2011

Have a cigar

This song is fantastic! As well as almost every other Pink Floyd songs :p The first time I really noticed this song, was a couple of years ago, when I first went to a Roger Waters concert. Then he was touring with "Dark side of the wall". He played the entire album "Dark side" in the second half of the show, but in the first half, he played a bit of everything.
Pictures taken from the first show I went to. You can see my good friend David Kilminster far left, then Snowy White in the middle and then Roger Waters to the right.

The guitar playing in this song is amazing, and so catchy!! And when David played this song, I knew he were one of the best to play this music!!
I also thought it was fantastic that Roger choose this to be one of the songs on this tour! I would never think so.. After the gig, I had this song on my brain for so long, and played it over and over again!!

Listen to it, and enjoy!

Have a lovely weekend all you Floyd fans ;)

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