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The Endless River

"The endless river" was worth the wait. Since I heard that Pink Floyd were going to release a new album, I've been sceptical, and honestly; I didn't expect that much. I was somewhat annoyed that they had a new album coming out. The first one in 20 years. All Pink Floyd albums was already released when I started listening to this music, so I could focus on the good and old albums. I never thought there would be some new albums coming out. I was so scared that they had been taking another direction and turned themselves into something that doesen't fit the band name and the history.

My copy of "The endless river"

About a month ago, the first single was played on the radio. The song is called "Louder then words". I loved it straight away. And it was hard to imagine how the rest of the album would sound. "Louder then words" is the only song where they are singing. So all I was expecting was an instrumental album. I've heard a few snippets lately, but I didn't want to download or listen to the full album before it was released and I had my own copy in my hands.

Happy happy girl

Friday last week was the day. I was working all day, so I had my boyfriends go and buy it for me. I wanted to be sure to get a copy that day. Who know how long it would take for them to be sold out?! My boyfriend stopped by my workplace after buying the cd+blueray box. I wanted him to give it to me, so I could look at it and get more and more exited about finishing that day at work, so I could go straight home and listen to it.
So when I got home, I had a shower and a pizza, and then it was showtime! It didn't take many seconds before the first round of goosebumps came along.

"Pink Floyd"
"The Endless River"
"Louder Then Words"
written in runic letters

The second song reminded me about "Welcome to the machine" and "Shine on". It's always very comforting to hear that you can relate some of the new stuff with the old stuff. The guitar is standing out, and after hearing this song, I knew it would be hard to make this a bad album. It was so great, so early, and I could relax and just go on straight into the Pink Floyd world.

I kept on listening. I was floating on a pink candyfloss-like cloud for just over an hour. I enjoyed every piece of it. 18 truly wonderful songs (+ 3 bonus tracks). During those 18 songs, there was none of the songs that didn't overlap well, so it could actually just be one long song. I watched an interview with David Gilmour about the new album. They were talking about how rarely people sat down these days to listen through a whole album. People are clarely to buisy listening to songs that last for more then 3 minutes, and especially to listen through a whole album in ine go. David wanted people to listen through it all in one go. People did that before, so that was something he wanted to bring back with this new album. I couldn't agree more.

I rarely listen to only one song from an album. It's sometimes just one song I try listen to, but it don't take me long before I start listen to the whole album. It's oneof my favourite thing about Pink Floyd. The songs often last for quite a while and they are almost always overlapping. There is also often a 'theme'. When you start listening, it feels natural to listen to the next song. And the next song. And the next song.

It's been said that "The endless river" will be the last album from my all time favourite band. I think that's a good thing. Now the band have been using the last material from Richard Wright, and I find him quite essential to the bands music and sound. I'm just glad David and Nick found these maetrials from 1993/1994 and wanted to use it for the last album. It's so many feelings in this album, and it gives both Richard Wright and Syd Barrett a proper goodbye. It gives Pink Floyd a proper goodbye.

Syd Barrett

Richard Wright

The last months I haven't been myself. I've been stressed out a lot and I've been working more then my body can handle. So that have made me feel a bi down. Everything has been stressing me, and I have been a grumpy person who just want to go far far away, all by myself. Friday, last week, when I went to bed - I slept perfectly. Also my neck and back didn't hurt as much as it did earlier that day or that week. My headache was gone too! It just proves that I need this music. Sometimes it feels like medicine to my body. I woke up the day after I got the album with a big grin on my face, and I felt more optimistic then I have been feeling lately. When you can relate your pain to the music, it gets more powerful. I like to think that the music helped me a step on the way in the right direction.

This album is my medicine!!

Back to the album and the songs. I know what I write here today, might not be something every one of you can relate to. But I found myself some favourite songs. As I said earlier, the album could be one long song instead of 18 shortes ones.But my favourite part is side 3 and 4. They are all building up to the next one. So when side 4 starts, there are so many feelings built up that are about to burst into more awesomeness!


I love the album. I really do. It's maybe a bit strange of me to say that this album might be my favourite Pink Floyd album after Roger Waters left. Both "A momentary lapse of reason" and "Division bell!" are great albums, but this one, the last one, sounds more like the good old Pink Floyd. I might be wrong about this, but for now, that's my opinion.

So shine on all you lovely Pink Floyd fans! I hope most of you agree with me: It's a great album, and it's a great way to end the Pink Floyds discography.

One of my favourites

"Louder then words"

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