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Dark side of the wall live in Bergen - 20.11.14

Last thursday I had some days off work, so I decided to go home to my parents for a few days. I came to Bergen around 4.30pm. My father and sister picked me up at the airport, and then we drove to the city centre where we went out to eat dinner and have a few beers before the show. The show was starting at 9.00pm, and we were a bit earlyer then that, since my father and sister were a bit late the day before, and they didn't get very good seats. We god great seats with a great view of the stage. 

Today the band were going to play the entire album "Wish you were here" +  highlights. I was a bit stressed out since I heard that the band played fast and a bit stressful the day before. No one should ever stress themselves through "Wish you were here". It turned out that I had nothing to worry about! They played the album close to perfectly! They used the time that was suitable for this album, ant it looked like the band had great fun on stage.

"Shine on you crazy diamond (Parts I-V)" is a track that last for about 14 minutes, and it's a great opening to the album. There were a few tiny slips from the guitar player in the beginning, but he just kept on playing and then he nailed the rest of the concert. It's agood thing that the band can make small mistakes. Just think of David Gilmour - standing on the top of the wall in London 2011. He had a few mistakes, but it shows that everyone can makes mistakes. We're only human beings. 

They played on and on, and had some small animations and pictures on a small screen they had on stage. Beautiful pictures and great animation. At this point I was glad we had such good seats and were able to see the stage. The music is the most important, but it is - for me at leats- fun to look at the members in the band having fun, see how they are using their instuments etc. Since I play the bass on a hobby basis, I like to see how other bassists play the instrument, and maybe learn something as well.

The band did such a great job playing this album. When they played "Wish you were here" they got the audience to sing-a-long on the chorus. I love it when the band ask me and everyone else to sing. I would sing with them all the time, but I heard my share of "shut up" during different Pink Floyd related concerts. At some point, you just get sick of it. So I try to calm myself down, and that's why I love when the band wants us to sing along with them!

After "Wish you were here" they played "Shine on you crazy diamond (Parts VI-XI)". That turned out to be my favourite song on this concert. They played all the parts that you can hear on the album. That rarely happens when I go and see a PF cover band. I really enjoyed this part of the song. It's so powerful and there are so many instrumental treats. The band did such a great job!

When the band finished "Wish you were here", they played some songs from "The Wall" and some songs from "Dark side of the moon". The day before they played the entire "The Wall" album, so I was a bit surprised when they played so many songs from the album this day as well. I hadn't seen them the day before, so it was fine by me. My father and sister actually said that they enjoyed all the "The Wall" songs better this day then the day before. The band seemed a bit more relaxed and used the time better.

Everytime I hear songs from "The Wall" I get goosebumps, and expect to see Roger Waters entering the stage. It's  a side effect from all the Roger Waters shows I've seen. 
A fun thing about this cover band is that the drummer is also the lead vocal. That is something I'm not used to. So he is of course sitting behind his drums all the way. That's why I really liked it when they played "Nobody home". Then the drummer walked to the front of the stage and the song was played with few instruments. It was really good, and it was made even better when the guitar player were using the megaphone to echo some of the words from the song. He also ended with saying "Surprise surprise" in the end of the song. I was laughing so hard, cause I did not see that coming. Again, it looked like the band had great fun on the stage!

All in all, it was a good show, and I glad I went to Bergen and were able to see them live. It's been quite a while since I saw them the last time. Now I'll keeping my fingers crossed that they want to put up more gigs in the near future. And maybe they can play something from older albums as well. I love listening to songs from the older albums live. So I'll just keeps my fingers crossed.

Happy Pink Floyd fan

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