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Dark side of the wall live in Bergen - 19.11.14

For this blog, I've asked my sister Adelheid to write a piece for me. There is a Pink Floyd cover band from Bergen - called "Dark side of the wall", and on wedensday they started a four-day concert. I wasn't able to come to Bergen before thursday, so I missed the first day. So I asked my sister to give the concert a review, and luckily for me, she said yes!

So here is a review from my sister Adelheid :)

It`s always exiting going to concerts where they`re playing Pink Floyd- music.
For hardcore- fans (like my sister.....), it doesen`t take much to totally ruin it.
We have to go in with an open mind, of course, because no one will ever match the originals.
I guess we are really spoiled after seing all those Roger Waters- shows during the last couple og years.
Anyway, there`s this band in Bergen called The Dark Side of The Wall. They are (surprise, surprise, surprise) playing Pink Floyd music.

Yesterday (wedensday) me and my father went to see a show.
They played the entire The Wall album, non- stop.
When entering that door both me and my dad had to leave Roger Waters outside, and enter with an open mind.
But then again, I think it`s easier for us than it is for Maria.
We found us some seats, but unfortunally we weren`t able to see much of the stage from where we sat.
But hey, it`s about the music, right?

The show started with a woman coming in, playing that flute- intro.
And then they exploded on the stage.
It`s always a pleasure entering The Wall, and this was no exeption. In The Flesh? was OK, but I got really hung up when the vocalist got some of the lyrics wrong.
But on The Thin Ice, he made it all good again.
This was a song really suitable for his voice.
Another Brick in The Wall part l and The Happiest Days of Our Lives was very good, but they really nailed it on Another Brick in The Wall part ll! I think I actually nodded my head on this part of the show, and for me that is the closest I ever am to dancing.

Mother was also a song they did really well, and the woman who played the flute now sang the role of the Mother.
My ears enjoyed it, especially when she got comfortable.
At first it was a little too soft, but when she first entered it was really good.
Goodbye Blue Sky was like The Thin Ice very suitable for the vocalist`s voice.
Soft and gentle.
The bassplayer and the guitarist made a beautiful choir to back him up.
Empty Spaces was OK, but I was a bit disappointed when the did not play What Shall We Do Now, since this is one of my favorites.

Well, they made it OK through Young Lust, but it`s a hard song to nail I guess, I weren`t even always impressed when seeing the real deal.
When I had yet to build a personal relationship to the The Wall album,
Young Lust were one of my favorites because it`s catchy.
But it`s not anymore. It`s still catchy, but I`ve discovered far better treats in there.
One of My Turns always kinda strikes me with surprise.
The beginning is quiet and gentle, and then it explodes.
I love the explotion!

Video from Youtube

The drums in this particular band deserves a fucking parade!
I have a thing for drums, and I love it when Pink Floyd mucicians aren`t afraid to hit it hard.
Dont`t Leave Me Now is my least favorite, until the guitar enters there in the end.
I get chills every time, and the guitarist yesterday did not disappoint at all.
Another Brick in The Wall is also one of my favorites!
When I hear Goodbye Cruel World, the only thing I can think of is Roger Waters himself standing behind the wall, singing out from a tiny window while waving like a queen.
Happy memory. The next songs; Hey You and Is There Anybody Out There, Nobody Home and Vera was OK.
Some tiny flaws here and there, but mostly good.
Some parts were even almost better than the original.
They add their own touch on some of it, and most of the time it`s working out great.

Me & my sister in Denmark

Bring The Boys Back Home was my favorite.
They absolutely nailed it!
Everyone on stage were singing (at least I think so, I couldn`t really see).
The woman did kind of a opera- voice, and it worked perfectly. Comfortably Numb was a bit boring to be honest.
This is the song always harvesting most of the applause from the crowd.
Maybe my standars to this one is too high.
It was nice and all, but lacked that little extra. The Show Must go On was very disappointing, it almost sounded like they didn`t want it there, like they were trying to squeeze it out, rushing through it like something was burning.
A shame, since I really ike this track.

The whole show kinda made it clear that they wanted to play it all as fast as possible.
The almost didn`t have time to catch their breaths between the tracks, and it was kinda stressful to listen to.
Many of the songs need their time to really work their magic,
but yesterday a lot of it just disappeared down in a hurry- crack in the floor.
And getting closer to the end of the show it seemed like they speeded up even more.
In The Flesh was OK. Run Like Hell,
like always, made my head nod again, but it was stressful.
I did not like Waiting For The Worms at all.
The megaphone- parts of the song were far to weak, and the whole song just weren`t very good.
I enjoyed The Trial, and it was a cool twist that the woman did parts of the song.

"My favourite song this evening" - Adelheid

But, when they at the end of the song screamed ´´Tear down the wall! Tear down the wall! Tear down the wall!``, I can`t help it thinking of the gigantic wall falling down on the stage where Roger himself were standing just a few seconds ago.
From where me and my dad sat I don`t even know if there was any kind of wall there.

All in all a good show, but I did not like the feeling that they just rushed through it as fast as humanly possible.
Pink Floyd music is art, and it`s supposed to really be enjoyed.

If I was asked to throw a dice, I`d give the whole thing a 5.  

Or any cover band ;)

A big thank you to my sister! Shine on!

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