tirsdag 10. mars 2015

David Gilmour live 2015

Wow, I just realized that this is the first I have blogged since november! I am so sorry, but it's been a lot going on with moving, new extra job, holidays etc. Today I have a day off work, so no exuses! ;)

I went to Spain last week with a friend of mine, and whilst I was there, I got a text that said David Gilmour were going on a tour - this year. I felt so happy, but also a bit stressed - since I didn't have all the information and I was far away from everyone I thought would might like to come to the show as well. So I actually got a bit stressed, and only asked the family this time. It's quite stressful handeling stuff like this when you are far away. But I got my boyfriend to book the tickets, and I could finally breathe normally again.

The guitar God himself

David Gilmour will have 3 shows in London in september. I kinda wanted to go to them all, but I am not a very rich person. But I needed two. I've seen Roger Waters 19 times (DSOTM &The Wall), so I am quite sure that it won't be enough to see this man once.
I've always been a Roger Waters girl/early Pink Floyd girl - but that doesen't mean that I don't enjoy the last 3 albums without Roger Waters and all the solo albums. It's all really good.

Royal Albert Hall

So - I am going to London in six months to see the last Pink Floyd member that I haven't met before. I was too late to see/meet Syd Barrett and Richard Wright, but at least I've met two of the three last living Floyd's.
I'm so exited. And I really wonder what he will play. I know there will be a new album coming out before the live gigs, but I have no idea what that will sound like. Maybe he plays the full album? Or maybe just a few - so he can play loads of old and good songs. Maybe something from his early solo albums? Or from his newest solo albums? Some Pink Floyd songs? I have no idea, and I really don't know what to expect.

Can't wait to see this man live!!!

It's gonna be an amazing week over in London. Great music live in Royal Albert Hall. It just sounds so wonderful! And lucky me, I also have plans with other Floydians to meet up before the shows! I've met some of them before - and they are all so awesome! So I can't wait to see them again! There will probably be some new faces around as well, so I think it's gonna be a perfect week with loads of Pink Floyd music, people etc.

Met up with a few awesome people in Oslo

Two happy PF fans

I really hope to meet YOU in London as well! 
Shine on!

A clip from the last time David played in Royal Albert Hall

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