søndag 12. januar 2014

Any colour you like

Just started thinking about new years eve. Me and my boyfriend were having a new year party in our house, since we got a really great view to the city where we can see all the fireworks.
The last years, or since I was 16, I've been sure of that Pink Floyd will be the first band to listen to in the new year. This year, it was Any colour you like. We were on our way back to the house when I start thinking about it, so when I sat outside my door, it just came to me that this should be the first song for me in 2014! What a good choice.

The first hours in 2014 turned out to be great. I had a lot of fun, and I had loads of beautiful people to celebrate the start of 2014 with me. When the party left, my boyfriend went to bed, but I wanted to listen/watch a live clip of Roger Waters – The Wall on youtube, whilst eating some turkey leftovers and drinking a glass of wine. I also called my mom to chat with her, so that was really nice! My father came to Stavanger to celebrate with us, but my mom wasn’t feeling too good, so she stayed home. So it was good that I got to talk to her as well.

Me & my dad

Me & Sam

Somkhid, Linn, Adelheid & Nikko

Siv, Jona, Sam & Anne Mette

I don’t exactly know why I choose Any colour you like, but it’s been my favorite on the Dark Side of The Moon album for ages, and it’s probably one of my favourite Pink Floyd song. There is something perfect about that song! The only bad thing is that the song is way to short. It should be a 10 minute track. At least.

Hope you all had a great new year celebration and a good start to 2014! 


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