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The Wall concert in Dublin

DAY 1:
After our amazing time in London, we woke up early a monday morning, jumped on a train to London, and from there we got on another train that took us to Holyhead. Here we waited for a ferry that would take us to Dublin. They had a screen that said that it was rough sea this day. This did not impress my sister, my father or my boyfriend, who all tend to get seasick.


Very rough sea conditions

I thought the trip with the ferry was great, and had a good time. We bought some dinner when we got onboard, and found ourselves some seats. The sea conditions weren't too bad, and the trip lasted for about 2-3 hours. When we arrived, we went straight on a bus that would take us to city centrum of Dublin. We found our way to the hotel and checked in. Me, Sam & Ace were staying at one hotel, while my parents were staying at another hotel just up the street. My favourite part about the hotel - the bathtub!

Hello bathtub!

Later the day when we arrived, we all gathered at the hotel bar to watch the Liverpool match. I had a dring, but I soon decided that I wanted some me-time with a book in the bathtub. Wow, it was the first time during the trip that I first really relaxed. It's something when you travel with a group of people for over a week, it's important to take some time-out's and be a bit alone. This evening, me, Sam and my parents went out to eat some dinner. It was quite late when we decided we needed some food, so we first tried at TGIF, but they were closed, but we did find a great restaurant with loads of american lay-ots, like harley davidson bikes, american cars etc. And they had great food!

Posing with the statue of  Phillip P. Lynott (Thin Lizzy)

Dad is rocking that guitar

DAY 2:
The next day we walked around to look for smething exiting to buy. The weather was not too good, it was raining and the temperature were quite low, but we had a good time after all. We went to a few music shops and I found myself some new Pink Floyd stuff. It was actually all I was looking for, since my luggage were full, and I could not fit in more clothes, but mabe some cd's, a dvd, a mug and some other stuff.. Logical thinking. We checked out a few shopping mall's and later on we sat down at a bar to get some drinks.

Sightseen stuff

Later that day, we returned to our hotel and changed our clothes, and then me and my parents went to Temple Bar - one of the most famous bar in Dublin. We found a table and sat down. Me and my dad tried two of the over 500 different types of whiskey to start with and my mum had a Guiness. We had such a great time and me and my dad tried 4 different types of whiskey. Sam and Ace arrived a bit later, and we had loads of fun together.

Dad, me and whiskey

Mum, dad & me at Temple bar

Me & Sam

Dad, me, mum & Ace

Some of the 500 types of whiskey 

I felt sceptical about my hair this day - hence all the different hairdos

When we left Temple Bar, we went straight to TGIF to eat. They served great food and great drinks. Such a great family day. We ended the day at this great pub where we sat for a few hours before we had to go to bed. There were after all a show that we were planning to see the next day.


At the pub

The third day in Dublin, we went looking throughout the city. We crossed a river, and we found a massage place. Me and my dad had aching shoulders, so we though massages could help. The women who worked there thought we needed some different treatment than massage, since the aching had been going on for a few days. My dad went in first, and he seemd a bit sore, and I got the same treatment. Got myself some nice bruices! And they did not go away until I got back home to Stavanger, a week later! So I had to wear clothes that covered the bruices, cause it looked like someone had been hitting me. But no, it just takes an asian massage woman.

The result after my 'massage'

After our 'massages' and after brekfast, we went futher down a street just to look into shops and shopping mall's. I found myself a Pink Floyd sweater that I really love, so that made my day perfect. What made it even more perfect, was the thought of the concert that would start in a couple of hours. My mother and sister went into a shopping mall, while me, my dad and Sam went to find a pub. We thought we wolud find one right away, after all - it's Dublin, but most of the pub's were closed, so we had to walk a bit, but we found one at last. We sat here until we were all together again, and so we headed to the hotel to change, and then booked a taxi!

My boyfriends picture. 

Strawberrie daquirie

There were some demonstrations outside our hotel, so there the ride to the band's hotel took us a bit longer time than I'd expect, so when we got there we met the entire band (not Waters) in the hotel lobby. They were checking out, so I met David, Robbie, Marky, Pat and all the lovely guys. I also got to talk to Jon Joice - for the first time. He was such a nice guy, as expected. My parents had bought a Snowy White cd - which they got signed by the man himself.
The feeling of meeting so many important people (for me) and they start to recognise you, is amazing!! When Marky saw me, he jumped over Jon Joice's luggage, just to give me a hug and asked how I was. We wished the guys good luck with the show, and than they got in their cars and drove to the stadium.

Yay me! Unfortunaly, no pictures from the hotel lobby. We were all too buisy talking to all the lovely guys.

Then we moved into the hotel bar and bought something to drink. In the bar we met Ole, who I met for the first time in Oslo before the show, and a few other guys. We were talking and drinking until Duncan - Rogers bodyguard - came in and told us that Roger was getting ready to leave the hotel. So we lined up outside the hotel enterence and we waited.

My family waiting. So exited!

I can't really explain the feeling when you know that you're all time hero will walk out and start signing. You don't know exactly when he'll be out, but if you have to wait for an hour, you wait for an hour.
Duncan came back out to us and told us to stand up in a line. He also use to go through some basic rules, but he saw familliar faces, so he didn't bother. This was the first time my parents and sister met Roger, but Duncen probably knew that I'd already filled them in about the rules (only one thing signed, no guitars, no hugs or touching etc).

Roger & Sam

Roger & Ace

Roger & dad

Roger & mum

Roger & ME!!!

He is looking at me!!!

When Roger Waters came out, I went in to my 'perfect buble' - as I tend to do while meeting heros of mine. When I was up, I took out my Pro's and cons of hitch hiking cd (Roger's solo album), and got him to signe the cd. He looked at me and smiled after signing. I'm not sure if I did say anything to him. Can't remember. But I have photos, so that's oughta be good enough.
We all got our stuff signed, and when Roger left, we went down to a bar with the guys we'd met at Roger's hotel.

Happy gang after the signing

We came down to the bar, and we found a table outside, bought some drinks and we were all talking about the great moment we'd just experienced! I'm de only one of us 5 who's got something signed before, so I wanted to talk about what they felt and if it was as amazing as they'd thought. After a while, me Sam and Ace went to buy some chiken wings and fries, which we brought back to the pub. Wow, it tasted so good! The chiken tasted so delicious! Whilst sitting at the pub, Simon came out to say hello. We had all met him a few times before, so it was really nice chatting with him for a while. I'm so glad I'd finally met some real Pink Floyd fans, with the same passion as me and know the feeling that you want to go everywhere to see Roger Waters. Too bad I met them so late in the tour.

The stadium

We had a few glasses of wine and beer before we started walking towards the arena. We had to go somewhere else first to pick up the tickets and then we went down to the stadium. We had great seats and we were really exited about the show! As I wrote the last time - the sound in Wembley, London, were to low, so I was a bit nervous that the sound would be as low today. But no! The sound was load and clear. For me it was perfect! It was so loud that I could sing and scream with barely no people noticing. Absolutely fantastic.

From our seats

I think everything about the show were perfect this night! The plane came in a bit late, but not too noticable. Other then that the guys seemd like they had great fun on stage, and they made a perfect moment for me and my family. There was only one negative thing this evening. It was bloody freezing! I've never been cold at a Roger Waters concert, so this was a first. Don't know how I could even recognice the cold, since I never noticed it before - even though the ones I traveld with has been telling me that they have been cold. Well, it was a windy day, and the temperature were quite low. And even though I knew before that I'd be cold this evening, I still would have worn something that shows my tattoos!

No fucking way

G.E. Smith

Trying to capture the screaming face

Me & Ace in the break

Comfortably numb

After the show, my parents and sister went back to the hotel, whilst me and Sam went back to the bub we started the evening with. Here we met up with Simon, Ole, Blunose Matt etc. I had such a great time, and I felt that I could have been talking to these guys for hours. They were all so very nice and we had shared interests, so for me - this was the perfect day. If this would have been the very last show of this tour, it would have been perfect - not that Paris was bad, I loved Paris. But that story have to wait until my next blog.

Me and Ole - Norwegians ftw

After a while, we went back to the hotel with two of the guys from the pub, we sat outside our hotel for a while, before me and Sam went inside to go to bed. It had been a long day with loads of emotions, so I was stating to feel pretty ready for bed.
The next day we jumped in a taxi and we started heading to the airport! At the airport we met Simon and some of the guys from the day before. We had a little chat and then we just waited for the time to go by and we all started to get exited about France!

Me, Sam & Ace at the airport

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