tirsdag 14. januar 2014

Roger Waters - The man behind The Wall

I got myself a kindle for Christmas from Sam. I’ve never tried one before, so all I knew was that you can read books on it, that you buy on amazon. I really wanted to buy all the Pink Floyd books, but that would be too expencive, and I also prefer having the book in my PF bookshelf. But what I did find out, is that you can get a sample for free to check some of the book. So I tried a sample of a book called “Roger Waters – The man behind The Wall”. And I did not look to good into it until I was on my flight to Belfast.

The book - so pretty

The book seemed great, and I found a lot of fun facts – like Nick Mason is Harry Waters godfather! I did not know that! Or at least, I have totally forgot about it. What I read from the book, (which is not too much, since you don’t get to read too much from it), was written in a fun and smart way. It was easy to read, and it did not contain too much of the history we all know, but the writer brought me a bit on the inside. Things that’s not that familiar to all of us, so I think I should buy that book as a birthday present to myself this year! It also had a great cover of Roger Waters, performing The Wall.

Are any of you familiar with this book? Please let me know, because I really want it, unless everybody think it’s crap.

Shine on all you beautiful people!

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