mandag 13. januar 2014

Pink Floyd & Belfast

Since I’m on my last semester og my bachelor degree, I got to go on a student exchange to Belfast for 3,5 months! I haven’t been here for a long time, but it all looks good, and I think I’ll have a good time over here. The only thing that’s missing, is some Pink Floyd stuff on my walls. I also want to bring some pictures, so the room will get a bit more cosy. It was my friend Linn and her boyfriend Somkhid, who drove me and my boyfriend to the airport. And since I was going away for a few months, Linn gave me a picture of us which she had framed, so I could bring it with me to Belfast. I really loved it, but now I just want more pictures to hang on my wall’s.

Want at least one picture or poster of these guys on my wall

I moved to Belfast all by myself, so it was a bit scary, but I’m sharing house with 4 great girls, so I think I’m gonna have a great time. My mission here, apart from the studies, will be to find some people here who like Pink Floyd. They are so hard to find, but I never give up hoping that there might be someone around every corner. So maybe I’ll find someone. If not, I’ll have Pink Floyd fans visiting me while I’m here – like Sam, Linn, my family etc. So if I don’t find someone here, I’m just gonna blog more often to keep in touch with other fans.

I want to meet people who recognise all of these

So that means that you all have to feel free coming with blog suggestions – if it’s a song you want to read about, an album, a concert – you name it! And then I’ll do my best writing something you find interesting. The only problem is that I didn’t brought my PF book that I sometimes use as help finding more information about songs or albums. But I’ll take it with me when I’m going home to visit – so next Monday – my room will be as awesome as all the rooms I’ve wanted to decorate. Pink Floyd all the way!

Rock on!!

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