tirsdag 21. mai 2013

Pink Floyd is my medicine

Well, now I am soon off to bed, and tomorrow is my third exam. I am so tired of all the studying and I am counting the days for my summer vacation. In 15 days I'm going home to my parents for 5 days for some total relaxation! Can't wait. The only thing that keeps me up these days is my friends and my favourite band in the world! My days is filled be reading for hours, and I try to listen to music, but sometimes I get unfocused. I feel sick and tired, and the best medicine is loads of sleep and Pink Floyd

Me a few years back. So happy!

Anyhow, this saturday I am going to Stavanger town to listen to some live Pink Floyd music. There is a local band playing, and I hope that I'll get some friends joining me to the show. It's gonna be a good day. I have an exam the monday after, but I don't care! I just have to read a lot before the consert and the sunday, but that saturday evening I need to have some fun!

This was just some short words from a stressed student who can't wait for the summer! 
And here are some great music for you all to read and enjoy! 

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