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Planet Parker

This saturday I went to my very first concert in Stavanger where a band were plaing Pink Floyd. I've seen several bands in Bergen and other city's, but never here, where I live. So when I saw a poster with the symbol from 'Dark side of the moon', I just had to go!
I didn't order tickets until a few days before the show. I had almost forgot all about it! But I got my tickets, and then I had some pre-drinks back home with a friend with his girlfriend. We had to warm up, so we put on the 'PULSE' concert. Earlier that day I'd been listening to 'Dark side' too, so I was really exited before the show!

We went to where the band were playing, a place called Folken (in the heart of Stavanger centrum). We had to get our tickets printed and then we went up. There were already a few people there, and a band were on stage, but it was just the warm up band. We bought something to drink, and we went all the way to the front, and started waiting for Planet Parker. The warm up band played loads of great songs like 'Come together' by The Beatles (one of my favourite band). They also played some Jimi Hendrix and something from The Who. They were quite good, so we had a great time waiting for Planet Parker. When the warm up band went off stage, they put up curtains in front of the stage, so the audience did not know what the band was putting up.

Waiting for the bus

It didn't take too long before they moved the curtain, and then you saw this amazing stage! They had put up 'The Wall', they had the the fabric from 'Animals' and the man with the lightbulbs from 'Delicate sound of thunder'. I was amazed at the very first look. And then they started playing, and I've been to my share of Roger Waters show, and I love that he always starts off with 'In the flesh'! And so did this band! I don't know why I always hoping that bands will start with this song, but it always seem to catch the audiece at once, and you know you'll have a great time!

Tattoo show-off (the sun is making it hard to see!)

I was really looking forward to the 'Dark side of the moon' part, since it's been a long time since I've heard the entire album live. And I knew they would play that album from beginning to end. Since they started with 'In the flesh' I was sure that they would play 'Dark side' in the second half of the show. Very well, they played loads of great songs in the first part. 'Learning to fly' is a song that I'll never get sick of, because it's just so amazing, and the band did good!

Getting closer!

I am always hoping that cover/tribiute bands are going to play a song that surprise me, a song that is rarely played. My high hope is that there will be something from 'Piper at the gates of dawn', 'A saucerful of secrets', 'Obscured by clouds' etc. Songs and albums that's not the most popular, but there are hopefully more people like me out in the world, who would really appreciate som really good old stuff.
Planet Parker did surprise me with a song I wasn't expecting! 'Dogs' from the album 'Animals'. And the entire song as well! It was really great! They had also put up a table on the stage (like Roger Waters - In the flesh live), where some of the band members would go and sit down, playing cards and enjoying a drink.

Ready to enjoy some great music!!

What facinated me the most was all the details on the stage. I've rarely seen a cover/tribiute band with a stage like that! Just imagine, if the stage were any bigger, how much more awesome stuff they sould put up there! Maybe a cow (from Atom heart mother) or some hammers (from The Wall). But that is just how I am.. If I see some, I just want more! It's never enough in my head.

screaming faces!

The second part of the show with 'Dark side of the moon', I really enjoyed! The band were great, they had agood sounds and great vocals. It's always scary with the vocal to 'The great gig in the sky', but they pulled it off good! That is the scariest part. That and 'Any colour you like'. That is my favourite song from the album, and it is really hard to make it sound like it does on the album. Even Roger Waters had some problems finding the right sound. But as long as that song is in the set list, I fell like I'm floating on a big pink sky.

All in all, I had a great time, and the people I went with sure liked it as well. The band had great conncections with the audience, they looked like they had loads of fun themselves, and it was a great way to spend a saturday evening! I know they are playing again in Stavanger this summer, so if you are around, I'll highly reccomand that you check this band out!

Thanks to Planet Parker for a great show!
We'll meet again

(I did try take some photos during the show, but they were all dark. I'll try again next time)

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