tirsdag 18. desember 2012

Pink Floyd christmas

Well, I've been working in prac, at uni and at work for six weeks, so I've been a bad blogger, but hey!
Now I got my christmas vacation!! So exited.
It's been a few stressfull weeks, so I am ready to lower my shoulders, eat loads of christmas food, drink loads of Hansa christmas soda, eat loads of christmas chocolate and last but not least, listen to loads of the best music ever made!! Pink Floyd always help me to relax, so I will need the music and I will enjoy it!

Great posing!

I am sure that the music that I have been listening to the most this year, must be Pink Floyd. I've been to 3 Roger Waters The Wall concerts in Australia, I have had a few Pink Floyd parties, I've been listening/watching The Wall concert a thousand times, and that is not even a joke! I've also been listening through all the albums, I have been watching some very good documentaries and I've been reading books. All in all, I spent almost every single day this year, like any other year, with some Pink Floyd influence!

Roger Waters The Wall live in Brisbane, Australia

You might think that I am crazy.. Over the rainbow I AM crazy. The music is my lifestyle, and it will be for many years to come. Most likely, the music will be my lifestyle for the rest of my life. Can't imagine a life without the greatest music of all times!
So thank you to Roger Waters, Syd Barrett, Nick Mason, Richard Wright & David Gilmour for making the world a better place with your wonderful music.
The thing about this lifestyle, which I love, is that I know for sure that there are people like me out there in the great, big world!

Before my very first The Wall show in Oslo 2011

So this was just a few words from me before I'm going home to my parents tomorrow to celebrate a wonderful christmas time!
If I don't get the time to write again before christmas, I want to wish you all a wonderful christmas with lots of joy and happiness! Shine on all you crazy people!!

Hammers, Hammers, Hammers

The guys in Pink Floyd wishes us all a great christmas <3

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