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121212 concert Roger Waters

Once again, I am late with my blog, but I just had to write about the brilliant 121212 concert!
I saw it online when it was broadcasted, but since I live i Norway, the concert started around 01.30 AM, and I had to work the days after, so I never found the time before now! Thank you christmas vacation! This is a big passion, and I love to write and share my knowledge or speculations about the wonderful band!

From the show

The concert started of with The Boss, aka Bruce Springsteen. I am a big fan of him as well, so I had to watch! I saw him live summer 2012, and I have grown up with his music. But he's not the one I want to write about here! After the Boss finished his show, there were some talking, and THEN. My man stepped out on the stage! As everytime I see the man step on the stage, I get tears in my eyes. It feels so strong, and that is most likely because I am his biggest fan.

He started with "In the flesh" followed by "The happiest days of our lives", "Another brick in the wall pt.2", "The Ballad of Jean Charles DeMenezes" - (or wathever he decided to call it!), "Money", "Us and them" and he ended the show with "Comfortably numb". During this song, Eddie Vedder was singing during the chorus.
GREAT setlist! And what a great crew Roger brought on stage! There were so many familliar faces on stage! Of course my good friend David Kilminster with his lovely guitar Rose. It was great to see him, and he did such a great performance! So proud of him.

David during the show

Me, David and Rose in 2011

Other than him, I've met Ian Ritchie (sax), Snowy White (guitar), Robbie Wycoff (vocals), Harry Waters (piano/hammond). Great group of people. There were almost the entire band who's been travelling with Waters during "The Wall" tour. Graham Broad (drums), Jon Carin (keyboards), Jon Joice (background vocals). There were also three other background vocalists that I've never seen before. Some of it sounded great, but I reckon that the mic's were turned up too high. During "Money" the bacground vocals were not good.. But things like that happens.

Me & Robbie Wycoff
Me & Snowy White

All in all it was a good show. I really enjoyed it, and thought it was a good setlist. If I were able to choose a few songs he were to play, I would have chosen some old songs and a 'new' like "Perfect sense". But that's never gonna happen, I'm sure for the rest of Roger's career in live music, he will play songs from "The Wall" and if he were to play anything else, it would be something from "Dark side of the moon" or maaaaybe "Animals".
I was born WAY TOO LATE to experience some of the songs from the earliest albums! It's good to have all the albums so I can enjoy it, even though it's not live. But a cd is better than no music at all.

Just a few words about mister Eddie Vedder. He did a great job singing David Gilmours vocals! No one will ever do a better job than Gilmour, but it was still good. And it was quite exiting listening to a new version, and I did enjoy it! I have been watching the show a few times. Great great show!

Roger Waters & Eddie Vedder

So here it is, one more time...

Hava a wonderful evening all you wonderful Pink Floyd fans

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