onsdag 13. juni 2012

Matilda Mother

Is one of the masterpieces from the bands first album "The piper at the gates of dawn". It's written by Syd Barrett, and it's mostly sung by Richard Wright. Syd is singing the choruses and the last verse. The song have  this kind of fairy tale lyrics. It's like a story being told to a child who is going to bed. And then the child says "oh mother, tell me more". The kid want to hear more. I remember when I was young, and loved the fairy tales the adults told me when I was going to bed. I never wanted them to stop.

Pink Floyd

The song was originally taken word for word from verse by Hillary Belloc, the 19th-century, Angio-French writer whose books "The bad child's book of beasts and cautionary tales for children" were well regarded by Barrett. Indeed the first set of lyrics were taken from a poem called Jim and then re-written in the studio. However they still retain the style and spirit of Belloc.

The genious behind the band

There was a king who ruled the land.
His majesty was in command.
With silver eyes, the scarlet eagle
showered silver on the people,
Oh Mother, tell me more.

Why'd you have to leave me there
hanging in my infant air, waiting?
You only have to read the lines of
scribbly black and everything shines.

Across the stream with wooden shoes,
bells to tell the King the news.
A thousand misty riders
climb up higher once upon a time.

Wondering and dreaming.
The words have different meanings...
Yes they did...

For all the time spent in that room,
the doll's house, darkness, old perfume,
and fairy stories held me high
on clouds of sunlight floating by.
Oh Mother, tell me more...
Tell me more...

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