søndag 10. juni 2012

Happy birthday MARIA!!!

Wohoo! Today is my 23 birthday! I was celebrating the big day yesterday evening with my family and lots of my friends! We were all having a wonderful time and had a lot of fun. I got myself many beautiful presents. Clothes, shoes, kitchen stuff, pictures, money, tattoo (20th of july) etc.. And then I got "Dark side of the moon" lp, "Dark side of the moon" cake AND.... Wait for it........ SIGNED ROGER WATERS PICTURE.......

Me and Roger!!!!

I am not kidding... That just blewed my mind! It was my sister who gave it to me. Me and my family are friends with Roger Waters guitar player, David Kilminster, and so my sister asked him to help her getting me the best present. And so did he.. Got a wonderful picture of Roger himself signed by both Roger and David, and I also got a guitar pick from Dave.

Me crying, right after I saw what it was..

When I got the present, my sister, parents and friends were all sitting around me with their cameras, so I knew there was something amazing. On the paper on the present, there were this big picture of this litle singing guy (something justine or something...) so we all had a good laugh. Everybody knows that I'm not a fan. And then I started ripping of the paper (there were a lot), and then I saw if.. Roger Waters had signed. "Happy birthday Maria. From Dave K & Roger Waters"... I started crying like a baby.. I could not stop. All the people at the party was staring, and I think they were a few who got tears in their eyes as well.

The present with a picture of the kid. I did not know what to expect!!

It's not possible.. I've wanted something personally signed to me from the man himself.. All I needed to do was to get to know David, and turn 23. I don't have words. That's just amazing. So now he is up on the wall, so people can come and see the prettyness. It has been a wonderful birthday, and I'll always remember this b'day for the day I got greetings from Roger Waters on my day!!!

Dark side of the moon cake! It's amazing, and tasted really good

Shine on ya'll

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  1. Åå, gratulerer! Og VERDENS beste gave da!!! :-)

  2. Tusen tusen takk :0))) eg e i himmelen!!!