onsdag 28. mars 2012

Take it back

This day, 18 years ago, Pink Floyd gave out their last studio album. The album is called "The Division Bell", and since it was released in 1994, this was of course one of the albums without Roger Waters. You might notice that yourself. The crazyness is not the same and in just sounds different than, let's say, The Wall, Ummagumma, and yeah.. The rest of it. Anyway, I'm not writing to be rude to Pink Floyd after Waters, but I'm writing to celebrate this wonderful album! It is truly one GREAT album! There are so many fantastic songs, and "Take it back" is one of them. The song is not as 'famous' as songs like 'learning to fly' and 'high hopes', but it's one hidden treasure. The song is written by Gilmour himself, with a little help from my friends.. Gotta love The Beatles as well! But what I ment to write was that he wrote the song with Bob Ezrin, his wife Polly Samson and mr.Laird-Clowes. With all these brilliant people writing the song, David on vocal, Richard Wright on keyboard and Nick Mason on drums, the song just had to be good!

"The Division Bell" cover

Richard Wright

Nick Mason

David Gilmour

David Gilmour and his wife Polly Samson

Bob Ezrin

Enjoy this evening with the lovely song!

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