tirsdag 6. mars 2012

Happy Birthday David Gilmour!!

Well, as you can see, it's Davids b'day today! He was born David Jon Gilmour this day, 66 years ago. 66 years ago, one of the most beautiful voices was 'born'. What a voice! And he know how to handle a guitar as well! He's been in Pink Floyd since 1967 (when Syd Barrett had to leave). And he was the lead guitar player and lead vocal all the years to come, even after Roger quit.. As a Waters fan, I reckon they should just quit the band, all of them, and leave it to the crazyness, but since I like heaps of the songs that were made after Roger, I'm kinda' glad they kept on playing.

A young David

After the 'original' - Waters - Pink Floyd, the band had some albums; "A momentary lapse of reasons", "Delicate sound of thunder", "Division Bell" and a live album and DVD - PULSE. Gilmour himself has also been doing some work after the PF time was over. "On an island" was his latest album, and that album was followed by a concert which they filmed and the result was "Live in Gdansk". And THAT is one of my favourite live dvd :0))
I really do want to meet him! He seems so nice and kind

(I am really sorry that this one was so short. I'm so tired! So all that I got left to say is....)


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