fredag 23. mars 2012

Pink Floyd tattoo

As you might now, I already have a few of them. I've got The Wall and the hammers on my right leg and I got dark side of the moon and 'P F' in my neck. Since I got my first one, I always new I wanted more. And then I got more, and now I want a new again. It's a kind of addiction. You just want more. But I don't mind. I love my tattoo's and I would not say no thanks to another! I've been thinking of what I would want if I decided to get another one. And I'm quite sure I want to build on the one on my foot! What I had in mind is to build the bricks all the way around my foot (as many bricks that cover my hammer tattoo, so it will not cover my entire foot!). In these bricks I want to fill in a few The Wall pictures. I already have a few in my mind. And that is the flowers in "Empty Spaces" and the screaming face in "What shall we do now". These are both made by the genious man Gerald Scarfe! He is actually the genious behind most of the stuff from The Wall. I am so facinated by his drawings and what he's been able to do! The man has made so many powerful and meaningful drawings!!
My wonderful hammers

Dark side of the moon and P F. Just gotta love it!!

I am concidering other pictures as well, but this round, I reckon I'll just focus on The Wall. I've always wanted something from "Wish you were here"as well, but that just have to wait for now. I also want something from older albums, but I don't think a cow would do any good on my body ;)
I might get a tattoo of Lulubelle III.. Or not.. whatever!
I've wanted this one for a few years now

If any of you have any ideas to any tattoos (Pink Floyd of course) please don't hesitate to write!

Shine on all you crazy diamonds!

I want the one in picture number two (top right) or the one in picture 5!

That is the exact picture of the screaming face that I want!

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