torsdag 7. desember 2017

Dark Side Of The Wall: Floyd forever + Wish You Were Here

A month ago, I decided to go to Bergen to get a very much needed refil of Pink Floyd live music.  There is a tribiute band from Bergen called Dark Side Of The Wall. This band was playing two gigs every weekend over 3 weekends. The first weekend was set to be Floyd forever + Dark Side Of The Moon. Second weekend - the one I went to - was set to be Floyd forever + Wish You Were Here. The last weekend was set to be Floyd forever + The Wall. It really is hard to choose between those three albums. But I did choose the album I've heard the fewest times live.

My WYWH tattoo

This band is actually a tribiut band Roger Waters have seen himself! Back in 2007, when Waters was playing in Bergen, Dark side of the wall had a few gigs where they performed the entire "The Wall". Roger was watching a bit of their show with a few other band mates. When they were 'discovered' by the audience, they quietly snuk out. I know from reliable sources that Roger very much enjoyed their show, and that they inspired him to start touring with "The Wall" again!

Before the show

I did see this band last year at the same place too. It is in a bar, where there are tables for food servings (before the gig) and people can book those tables for the show. A few of those tables will give you a perfect view of stage! But if you don't have a table, you have to stand more on the side of the stage, so the view is not too great.

I found Pink

I came in quite early with my family, and I found myself a spot almost on stage. My feet were actually touching the stage. Could not have come any closer.

Feet touching stage

The band came on around 10.45, and they started off with "One of these days". That turned out to be a great way to start off a brilliant show! The best one yet - in my opinion!

Oink Oink

The highlights of the night was
"One of these days"
"The final cut"
"The Fletcher Memorial Home"
These are all songs that aren't played too often live. "Cymbaline" was definatly a highlight! They played it last year too, so when they started playing it again this year, my eyes started filling up with tears. Such an amazing song.

They played the entire "Wish you were here" album, non stop. And that was pure magical! Not one single note missing! And it all sounded so great. I did film a few bits from the show, but unable to post here, but they are to be found on my Facbook fan page!
The band also brought with them a female vocalist! That girl impressed me! She had such a powerful voice - perfect for Pink Floyd songs!

The band dropped a few hints of an upcoming gig early next year! They are playing at the same hotel where the bar is, but in a different room! So maybe a bigger room, bigger stage and even greater show then ever?! I really do hope so!
This band is the tribiut band that have surprised me most by playing more rare songs, which is why I always try and go to Bergen when they are playing!
So hopefully I'll go back up there February 10th!
If you are in Bergen or close area, go check them out! You will not be dissapointed!! 
This is a link to buy tickets ;) 
Hope to see you there

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