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Dark Side Of The Wall - 2016 + 2017

I started this blog last year after the concert I went to, and then it dissapeard. But when I found it again, I thought I could give a little shout out to people who live in Bergen/close to Bergen. Because the coming weekend and the two following weekends this band will play again! 6 shows over three weekends, fridays and saturdays!

Weekend 1: Floyd Forever + Complete Dark Side Of The Moon
Weekend 2: Floyd Forever + Complete Wish You Were Here
Weekend 3: Floyd Forever + Complete The Wall

Maria's best tips: GO TO THE SHOW! These guys are amazing and they create a great atmosphere. Very well worth checking out! 
I myself live in a town called Stavanger, so will only have chance to go one of the weekends, but I am sure all three weekends will blow your mind! So choose your favourite album and go see these guys perform. You will not regret it!

Shine on!

This girl will go see one of the shows too! And she is exited!!

There is a Pink Floyd cover band from Bergen that I've seen quite a few times. And I had already planned to go to Berge the first weekend in November 2016 to see a stand-up show. Imagine my surprise when I realised that "Dark side of the wall" was to have a concert in Bergen the same night! It even turned out I could manage to go to both shows!

Pink is always ready!

I went with my family and some friends. After the stand-up show, we went to have a few beers, since it was still a few hours before the concert would start. It was good fun just chatting and enjoying a beautiful saturday evening. It was also my dad's birthday, which also made it even better.

The stage at Madam Felle

We went over to where the show was, and the band started playing 10.30PM.
Again, I've seen these guys many times before, but the way they started, I knew this might be their best show yet. They started with "Pigs on the wings" and went straight on to play "Dogs". Just a few weeks earlier, I saw Roger Waters live at Coachella, and he played those two songs as well. Was so great to hear them again. I haven't heard these songs live so many times before. That's why hearing them live two times in a few weeks made me really happy.
The band was on fire! "Dogs"... I'm struggeling finding the right words. They were all so good! Normally they are two guitarist for the solos, but at this show there was only one. I was so impressed by how well he played it!

These guys rock!

I was standing  quite close to the stage. The concert was at Madam Felle, a hotel bar. In this bar, there are places to sit, and they also have serve food. I guess you could make a reservation for a table before the show, but I think they are going quite quick. Anyways, most of the time I prefer standing whilst listening to Pink Floyd music. Makes it easier to dance.
Even though the tables was set up all the way up to where the stage was, we were staning in a good spot. Close to the stage, and the only people in front of ut was sitting at the tables. Nothing to say about the view.

Happy bunny!

The band was great as always and they managed to make it even better by playing songs that you rarely get to hear live. "Cymbaline" is a song I've never heard live before. And they played it!
That really was their best show yet!

Set list:
Pigs On The Wing
The Thin Ice
Another Brick I
Tha Happiest Days Of Our Lives
Shine On You Crazy Diamond

Breathe repr.
The Great Gig In The Sky
Set the Controls For The Heart Of The Sun
Comfortably Numb
Run Like Hell

Us & Them
Have A Cigar
Wish You Were Here

They were also planning to play "The Fletcher Memorial Home", but that song was cut out unfortunaly. It is still a great set list with a few really really great and non-often played songs. As for myself, that is what I enjoy most at a concert - hearing songs I haven't heard live before.

I got to sit behind the drums! 

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