torsdag 27. juli 2017

Pink Floyd: Their Mortal Remains

Outside exhibition

After a long wait, it was finally my turn to go see the Pink Floyd V&A exhibition in London. I had booked the tickets about a month earlier, just to be sure I would actually go and to have a date to look forward to. The exhibition opened in May and will be open every day until 1st of October. So there is still a chance I might go see it one more time.

London baby!

I flew in to Gatwick, so I of course got to ride past Battersea Power Station on the way in to London. There is something about that building. So majestic and very Pink Floyd related. I also tried to find a place to stay close to Thames and with a view of Battersea Power Station. I only had to walk for 2 minutes to be down by the river.

Me and Battersea Power Station on the right

I had tickets for the exhibition thursday morning at 10 - which is the first entry of the day. I got on the tube to South Kensington station, bought some coffee and breakfast and then I sat outside waiting for the doors to open. There was actually a few poeple already waiting outside when I got there - about 20 minutes before they opened.
I went in, showed my ticket, got the audio headset and could enter.

Hammer time while waiting

The audio device you get around your neck tuned in depending on where you moved. They would play music relevant to what you were looking at. They had tv's around playing from interviews, music videos etc, and when you stood close enough to that, the audio device would tune into that tv. All you had to do with the devise was to turn the sound up and down if needed. It was a very clever way to do it.

Extremely ready to see the exhibition!!

The exhibition was lined up in the way that you started with the beginning, back when they were called The Tea Set, when Syd was in the band etc - and it ended with The Endless River era.
I really knew I was up for something great when I saw a big picture of Dark side of the moon just outside where you were to enter the Pink Floyd exhibition. And when walking through the door I saw the Bedford van! It was huge, and you had to go through it to get on with the exhibition.

Lovin' life!

Instead of writing all about every room in exhibition, I will post all pictures I took when I was there. So then you can see for yourself that this exhibition can't be missed. Even if you're not a huge fan, I am pretty sure everyone would enjoy it.

There might be some spoilers in here. So if you are going to see it yourself and don't wanna know whats there, you can come back and read it after you seen it.

Let's do this!!

Drawing of the Bedford Van

Psychedelic inside the van

Couldn't hide the exitement

A letter from Syd Barrett

Pink Floyd family tree

Me and my hero

I want to wear this

Atom Heart Mother

Spot Roger Waters

There he is

Tea Set - before they canhged it to Pink Floyd

Ummagumma love

Always posing on the floor

Pompeii era! Had to show off tattoo


Map of Cambridge

Syd's guitar with small mirrors on it

Projector used to make the psychedelig drops

Rick's old one

Beautiful pictures


One big smile

You could make your own version of money! I could be there for hours

Gong with hammers

I want them all

Floor art/tattoo art

Had to lie down

Pictures from the shooting of Wish You Were Here cover

A replica of t-shirt Johnny Rotten wore at a concert

Ticking away

I had no idea there would be a Battersea Power Station there


The Wall, Battersea Power Station, Airplane AND the Teacher

Pink <3

Hammer time in front of The Wall

The Wall characters

Richard Wright's mask from The Wall live at Earls Court in 1980 and 1981

Masks from The Wall live at Earls Court

Wife and Mother

Exploding fridge

Teacher and Pig

Me and wife

The Final Cut

Me and the lads

Lightbulb men

Learning to fly


The Division Bell

And she's back on the floor

I love Pink Floyd this much

Promo blimp 94'


Last room in exhibition. In here they had 4 screens on 4 walls and they played Arnold Layne, High Hopes and Comfortably numb. I sat there so I could see it two times. The sound was perfect! 

Hard to know where to look

Arnold Layne

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  1. I can only say that you are as great as the greatness of this band, I have been following you for a long time on Instagram and Facebook,This blog really proved that you are a One of the most famous fans of Pink Floyd Believe me I wish very much to meet you and take a photo with you.Thank you Maria.💐🎸💙