fredag 1. april 2016

Live in Pompeii

As most of you know, David Gilmour is returning to Pompeii this summer! He is actually having two gigs at the same arena Pink Floyd played at in the 70s! "Pink Floyd Live at Pompeii" is one of my favourite live dvd's.
Pompeii have also been on my bucket list for over 15 years! I've been facinated by this place for such a long time, and I will finally go there in July this year! I still can't believe it..

Amphitheatre of Pompeii

The concert in Pompeii is only a few days before the gig in Verona, so I get to travel around in Italy for 8 days! Gonna have a blast. So glad my friend Ole got tickets to the Pompeii show! And that he sold one of them to me :) Now I have another crazy Norwegian to travel around with.

We are going to Pompeii!!!

The countdown has started!! 97 days to go. I am lucky enough to be a tourist in one of the most facinating places (from my point of view) AND go see David in this really really old arena! It was built around year 80BC!! I am so exited about this trip!!

One happy monkey

So here's a little something to enjoy this weekend! 
Shine on!

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