tirsdag 1. mars 2016

Pink Floyd 2016

This night I am working night shift at one of my jobs. So what to do when it's quiet? 
That's right - update the blog!

Here we go!

Again I've been bad writing regularely, but an update now and then is better then nothing. Still buisy, so not much time to write, but I still enjoy the music almost every day.
Lately I've discoverd some new music. I got to see Steven Wilson live in Bergen in february. I'd never heard of his music before. Luckily for me, my friend David Kilminster were joining him on the tour, so I thought I had to go and check it out. So the last few weeks I've listened a lot to this music, but I always find back to my all time favourite music!

Bought myself a Pink Floyd jigsaw puzzle

The result

This year I have tickets for 4 David Gilmour concerts! One in Wroclaw (Poland), one in Verona (Italy) and two in London. That will be my vacation this year, but hey! I get to listen to great music!

The lunatic is in my head

So far this year I've seen Steven Wilson with band and Toto this year. So it's not too bad this year either. Always want to see as many concerts as possible. What makes me happy is listening to music live. I walk around being exited for months before a show, And when the day is there, I'm floating on a big, fluffy and pink sky. Feeling fulfilled and happy.

Finally the owner of Kilminster's latest album. It's really good, so check it out!

The bad thing about wanting to see all concerts possible, is that it is an expensive hobby. Over the last 5 years I haven't cared if the concert is in Norway or in a different country.. I just book tickets, and off I go. It's a good thing I work 3 different jobs. I rarely get to save up much money, but I am living my dream.
And all the awesome people I get to meet! People who have the same interests as I are so easy talking to. So I can't wait to meet old and new friends this year!

Me and David Kilminster backstage after the Steven Wilson concert

I had big dreams that Roger Waters would tour this year as well, but it really doesen't looks like it. So hopefully he will go on a tour next year! Wondering if he's new cd will be released soon too. I really do hope I like the new album! Always scary when bands you love release new material. But it really did work for Pink Floyd with "The Endless River" and David Gilmours "Rattle That Lock". Two albums I really enjoy.

"Rattle that lock" album cover

I have decided that march is going to be a great month! And if the month is going to be good, I'll keep on enjoying music and I try and update the blog, writing about specific songs, like I did in the beginning.

Me at the Toto concert!

I wish you all a peaceful night with good dreams and a great month! 
Shine on!

"Fat old sun" - Pink Floyd song of the day

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