fredag 1. januar 2016

Happy new year all Pink Floyd fans

Christmas is over, and a new year has just begun. Can't believe how fast the last month flew by. I'm a big fan of christmas, and especially all christmas movies, songs and decorations. Everything is so cosy and nice.
I am also a big fan of new years eve. Last night was celebrated with my boyfriend and his family. I made turkey (and a ton of delicious gravy). And then we sat and waited for 2015 to end. The last 10 minutes of 2015 was spent outside watching fireworks. I LOVE FIREWORKS!!! And then 2016 was upon us.

We watched a few Pink Floyd/Roger Waters live dvd's last night. Roger Waters "In the flesh" was on when we entered the new year - so my first Pink Floyd song this year was "Pigs on the wings" followed by "Dogs". I find that a great way to start the new year. Since I was 16 (at least), I have this idea that the first song I listen to in the new year has to be a Pink Floyd song. It's a good tradition. No matter where I celebrate new years eve, Pink Floyd need to be the first thing I'm listening to.

This year - songs from "Animals"

Last year was a great year for me and my music interests. Got to see several big bands live, but the highlight have to be David Gilmour live in London in september. I had never seen him live before, so this was a really great moment. It's even better that I got to see him two days in a row!
Another highlight with that trip was to meet old and new Pink Floyd fans.

"Rattle that lock"

I'm wondering what 2016 will bring when it comes to music. I have tickets to see Toto in February. Also, I'm hoping to see my friend David Kilminster (played guitar for Roger Waters during the DSOTM and The Wall tour). David Kilminster is playing with a guy named Steven Wilson, and they are going to Bergen! So hopefully I get to see the show and meet my friend again.

Got a new tattoo in october

David Gilmour is coming back to London in september, so I'm going back to London in september for two new shows.
There are also some rumors about both David Gilmour AND Roger Waters coming to Bergen this summer. Nothing is comfirmed yet, but that would have been awesome!! They are ofc not playing together, but then I get two concerts instead of one. That got me thinking... Wondering what kind of album Roger is working on. Or what he will play on his tour (if there will be a tour).

I'm hoping for myself and all of you that 2016 will be an amazing and music filled year!!
Happy new year and shine on! 

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