torsdag 26. mars 2015

David Gilmour - Live at The Royal Albert Hall

It's almost time for countdown. Ok, it is time for countdown. 182 days to go. So for the next 182 days, I have something really exiting to look forward to. I'm going to a few more conserts before the Gilmour show. In june I have tickets to see Toto and Mark Knophler. In july I have tickets to see Elton John. Maybe I have a few shows in october as well. So as you all can see, I'm suck a music/consert freak. To know I have some conserts coming up put's a smile on my face!


This evening will be spent watching David Gilmour Live at Royal Albert Hall. This dvd really get's me exited. I get to see the same man in the same venue in 6 months!! I wish I could see the entire band from the dvd in september. Maybe I get to see some of them, but I would really loved it if Richard Wright was still alive and if he'd join in. May him rest in peace!

This dvd is perfect to get in the right mood, but I still can't believe it! It's only a few weeks since I found out about the gigs and got myself some tickets. I wonder how long it will take me to realize that I really do have tickets. And that I'm going to London to see this man.

I am really nervous about his upcoming album. Have no idea what kind of album that'll be. But no matter what it's gonna be like, he will probably play loads of good old songs as well.
DG live at Royal Albert Hall is a great live dvd. The venue is so majestic. I've never seen it before. But then again, I've been to London once before! And that was to see Roger Waters live. London = Pink Floyd music. Maybe Nick Mason will be the next. Hahah, not quite sure about that, but I would have gone to the show if he had something going on.

182 days. I'll have to be patience - but I can't wait to go back to London for more live Pink Floyd music. And I really look forward to meet loads of other die-hard PF fans from all around the world. 
I'll see you all in London in 6 months ;) Shine on

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