fredag 11. juli 2014

Pink Floyd - Live Anthology

I've had this dvd for about 10 years. I watched parts of it a few times, but then I forgot all about it. I've brought it with me wherever I moved, but it's just been standing there. I don't know why I didn't think of watching it again.
So yesterday, after I watched Live at Pompeii, I wanted to give this live dvd a try. It has some great live clips from different times and places. It's a secret treasure. On the back of the dvd cover, you can see the different songs on the dvd. But there is actually one song that is not mentioned. "Atom heart mother"!!!

The dvd cover

I wonder why that is! Imagine my surprise. Sitting in the couch, drinking beer and relaxing to the dvd. All out of a sudden, I thought I heard something that sounded like "Atom heart mother". And there it started. I sat with my mouth open for at least five minutes. It turned out to be very good live version of the song. Which I've had problems finding before.

The fab four

The version of "Atom heart mother" was filmed at a open air gig in Japan, so you have some clips from the concert and some clips with the band at the airport,  around the are where the gig found place etc. I loved it at once. I don't know how I wasn't able to notice it before. I feel ashamed! A Pink Floyd fan like me should know this. But it's also good to learn something new and discover new treasures.

This live dvd was released 10 years ago (2004), and I bought it as soon as I found it. The fun thing about this dvd is that there are songs that Pink Floyd performed live from 1968 and up to 1980. And all the songs are performed at different places. A special concept, but also brilliant.
On this live dvd you have songs like "Jugband Blues", "Sysyphus", "Cymbaline", "It would be so nice" (unfortunaly it's only a very short part of the song) and also "Comfortably numb". There is a great mix between some well known songs and a few more 'rare' songs. By rare I mean that not everyone knows the songs. Good on them, they have some amazing songs to discover.

Lulubelle III  - "Atom heart mother" cover

As you might already know, my favourite part on this dvd is "Atom heart mother", and I am watching it in this very moment. It's gonna be my favourite live song for a long time! I felt that I needed something new and unknown, and here I go, discovering this dvd and that "Atom heart mother is on it!
Unfortunaly, I can't find this version of "Atom heart mother" on youtube, so I want to recommand you all run to a store near you and buy the dvd. The song last for about 17 minutes, so it's absolutely worth to buy the dvd. The other songs are great too - but I found my favourite!

Happy friday everyone!

Now I will enjoy the rest of the song, because lucky for me, the song last for a long time. And then there will be more Pink Floyd music for the rest of the day. It's Pink Floyd friday, so just sit back, relax and listen to the greatest music of all times! 
Jugband blues

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