mandag 9. juni 2014

A fine Pink Floyd day

Tomorrow is a big day for me! I'm turning 25 in less then 24 hours. Birthdays are something I've always loved! It don't even have to be my own birthday, even though, that is my favourite. I also handed in my bachelor degree on thursday, and yesterday I was working my last day before the holiday. That means I had nothing to do today. So why not just try for the last time before I turn 25 to show you all what a Pink Floyd maniac I am! Good plan. Good plan indeed.

Thumbs up for todays blog!

I was searcing through what I could blog about today, but whilst looking, I figured out that I wanted to show you all my Pink Floyd items. Well, not all, cause that would take me many many hours. So I put out some of the things, and here we go!

I want to start with my book collection. I wish I had more books, but this is a great start! I bought my first one in 2004. Nick Mason's "Inside out". Such a great book, with loads of personal stuff and things you didn't know about the band. I've only read it once, but I often just look through it. So many beautiful pictures! So after I bought this book, I just wanted more, so without thinking about it, I started my Pink Floyd book collection. 

There will be more books! 
My books are on display with my mini Pink Floyd guitar.
As you might see, there is one Beatles book there as well. But Beatles rock! So it deserve a place next to my Pink Floyd books.

Here's my DVD collection! Loads of candy to watch here. My favourite is of course "The Wall" movie, but I am also a big fan of the documentaries. And of course live DVD's. I also have a quiz DVD. Quite hard to be honest. But I'll just have to practise and read a bit more, and suddenly I might know a few more answers.

Yay, the immersion box set's + discovery box set! These items was something I really wanted to buy myself! And I'm so glad I did! The immersion box set's contained loads of goodies. And the discovery box set contained all the cd's and a booklet with nice pictures in it. 

Discovery box set! Good thing to have all the albums in one small box. 

My LP collection is not big at all. Only two, but that will change as soon as I get a full time job and can afford speakers - so I can use the LP player. And then the collection will grow! Then I have to go treasure hunting.

My Pink Floyd glasses, coffee mugs and beer coolers. I found the glasses when I went to Florida a few years ago, in a record store. They also had a Pink Floyd inflatable chair, but that would have taken up too much space in my suitcase. The beer coolers I found in Australia and the mugs are some presents and I bought one in Dublin. They should have more of these in Norwya

My sister is a brilliant artist, so this is two of many pieces she made me. I wish I had more of them here in my Stavanger apartment, but when me and my boyfriend are buying an apartment, I'll bring all of the pieces she made me

Love how she is putting in motivs from different albums. It's brilliant! I also have a poster in my livingroom of these ladies!

My cd collection. Some Pink Floyd albums, some Roger Waters album, one live dvd/cd from David Gilmour, one Syd Barrett cd and one Richard Wright cd. 

A "The Wall" booklet I bought at one of the live shows. Great pictures and comments in it

All my tickets and backstage passes from my travelling around for concerts. 2011-2013. 16 shows and 6 backstage passes. There are also some autographs and other things that remindend me of the show. 
The ticket for the show at Wembley stadium is signed by Roger Waters before the very last show in Paris

A poster I bought at one of the shows in 2013

For my birthday two years ago, my sister got me this signed Roger Waters picture and two RW guitar pics (at the top of the picture). There is also two David Kilminster pic, one that has been used! 
At the top you can see my signed "The Wall" cd. Got it signed in Oslo 2013, the very first time I met the amazing guy!

A poster and a flag on the wall in the livingroom

A Roger Waters poster, bought in Berlin before one of the shows I went to there

My amazing "Trust us" flag - also merchandice from the show. It's quite large, but I found a wall for this too. At the right side you can see one of the immersion box sets and also a Pink Floyd money bank

A scarf from one of the immersion box sets. Brilliant! I wore this scarf to a few concerts in 2013, as a headwear.

This is how I wore it. Glad to be able to show it to loads of the guys in the show!

Flag, scarf and poster. This is the dark side of the livingroom

Three pictures I bought a few years ago. Not quite sure where I bought it, but I've had them for quite a while. Love these old pics from the band

Pink Floyd coasters I got in one of the immersion box sets. I hung them over our bedroom door. 

Three items that are signed. A immersion box set booklet, a cd and a t-skirt.

The booklet. This one my boyfriend got signed in Dublin.

The t-skirt I got signed in Budapest. We had some troubles writing on it, but I think it turned out perfectly!

My "Pros and cons of hitchhiking" cd. Got it signed in Dublin. The same day as I gave him a belated birthday card. He said thank you, and I really hoped he read it too!

Another Pink Floyd flag. This I bought in Dublin! 

So there you go. This is my crazy obsession, and I want something more all the time. This is what I've been collected for the last 25 years - and I did start quite late with the collection. But the next 25, I'll be collecting all the way! Wondering what my next treasure will be!

So with this, I want to thank you all for reading! And I want to wish you all a great summer! 
Enjoy this lovely song "Echoes" live at Pompeii

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