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When the Pink Floyd dream died.

The dream is over

From the live 8 concert

On 2 july 2005 Pink Floyd would play together for one last time. That means that in two days, it's actually 8 years since the most magical night! I remember I sat in front of the tv all day long, just waiting for my fab four heroes to get on the stage. I sat in front of the tv, hour after hour. I barely went to the bathroom just in case that Pink Floyd would come on stage, and I was afraid to miss a second. Lucikly, I got to see their full show, and every second! It was a wonderful moment for me. I didn't had anyone to share that moment with, at least no one who was as dedicated as me. But that didn't matter. I was in heaven, and I did start to think about any future reunion concerts. When I saw these guys on the stage, they looked happy, and it kinda looked like they had all miss each other and performing the music to it's fully perfection. After all, when they performed on live 8, it was the first time they'd all be on the same stage in 24 years. Roger Waters, David Gilmour, Richard Wright & Nick Mason. Together. For the last time..

A year after the live 8 show, I got to see Roger Waters live for the very first time. The show was 4 days after my 17th birthday, so I was quite young, but my love for Pink Floyd grew bigger and bigger for each day. And there was nothing I wanted more then to get the news of a Pink Floyd reunion. I did decide (in my head) that I would go anywhere to see them if my dream came true. The years went by, and I saw Roger Waters live three times in three years. The last one in 2008. The year I knew that the dream was over..

Richard Wright

"The endless rumours of a Pink Floyd reunion came to an end with the tragic death of their keyboard player Rick Wright." -- MOJO magazine
"I'm unlikely to start polishing my drum sticks in the near future." --Nick Mason

Syd Barrett

When a dream like that die, you start dreaming about new things. My dreams are to see Roger Waters again live (that dream will come true), I want to meet Roger Waters and I also want to see David Gilmour and Nick Mason on stage. Even if it's another concert, my dream is to experience the wonderful guys live. The best thing that could happen, is that if Roger Waters invite David Gilmour to play on a gig with him during this tour, and that Nick Mason will appear on stage as well. I know that it happend in London 2011, but that show was in the middle of my exams, so I didn't have the chanse to go. So therefor I am hoping, and hoping is good, that my new dream will come true!

It might happen again...

I found an interview with Richard Wright (mostly about 'Piper at the gates of dawn'. The interview is from 2007 I reckon) in a MOJO magazine from december 2008, only three months after he passed away. I will put in some of the questions and answers I really enjoyed:

*Was Syd difficult to work with?
-No. From where we first started, and including the whole of the first album, it wasn't difficult at all.

*That iconoclassic attitude came from where?
-It came from all of us.

*Even he (Rick) admit he was the least technically proficient band member in the early days...
-None of us were technically proficient. I've always wished I had the technique to become a concert pianist but I haven't. We were all self-taught. I ttaught myself to play piano when I was four years old. I didn't have a teacher, so my technique is completely wrong.I can't play a scale in the way you're meant to play it. That limited my technique and ability to play was.

*Was the piano an early friend?
-My piano is my best friend.

*And always has been?
-Well, not my best friend. my piano has more significance than just making music with the Floyd. It's been a therapy for me. If I get really angry or frustrated, whereas some people go and scream into a pillow or see a psychiatrist, I sit at my piano and release whatever emotions I'm feeling.

*Who wrote Echoes?

Well, that's all for today! Just started thinking about the great men in Pink Floyd, and how it is able to miss a person you don't know personally, but at the same time, you fell that you know them in another way. 
Rest in peace Syd Barrett & Richard Wright.
Gone but not forgotten

Summer 68.
A great song, and this film is filled with great drawings and beautiful pictures of the beautiful man

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