lørdag 29. juni 2013

Nobody home

That's how it feels like today.
A week ago, I went home to my parents, and stayed there until thursday. When I got back home, I knew that my boyfriend still were on his vacation with his family in Greece, and my friends were all out travelling or somewhere else, that is not in Stavanger. It makes you think about how many friends you have. I think I have more friends back home, where I'm from. But I didn't notice until now. It never happend before that all my friends are out travelling at the same time. Weird!
So I'm sitting here, all alone, wondering what I'll do this evening. Maybe go to bed early. Read a book, watch a movie. Or maybe get a glass of wine and listen to some Pink Floyd. Maybe "The Wall".

It is amazing to think that my third "The Wall" adventure will start in Denmark in 43 days. It feels like I've been waiting forever, but suddenly it seems to be just around the corner. I am so exited about experience the great "The Wall" show again. It's been good over a year since I saw the show the last time, and that was in Australia. It seems so long ago.

I can still remember the first time I saw the "The Wall" show. It was in may 2011 in Oslo. We sat in second row on the left hand side. We were so close to the wall that we didn't got to see all of the animation, and there were probably loads of things we missed, BUT, during "nobody home", there were a opening in the wall, and we saw Roger Waters in a 'hotell room' just a few metres in front of us. We were so close, and I am pretty sure I lend towards him, hoping that he'll noticed me. The first concert is unfortunaly a bit blurry to me. I had just met David Kilminster for the first time, I was about to see "The Wall" live for the very first time, and I was just floating in a bubble. But something I do remember, and that is in particulary "nobody home".

"Nobody home" is, as most of the songs on this album, a Roger Waters song. It is to be found on cd 2. "Nobody home" gives you a feeling of a comfortable armchair and welcoming hearth. Unfortunaly for Pink (the main charachter), there is to be no warm welcome for him. Roger Waters once said in a interview about this song that Pink needs help, but he doesen't know how to get it. Also, he doesen't really want any help. It's like Pink is trapped in his own world, and won't let anyone in.
It sounds like a scary world. I'm glad I'm not 'living' in the same world as Pink.

Well, it's time for me to figure out what I'll do this evening, so I wish you all a plesant weekend! :) 
Shine on

The song from the movie "The Wall"

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