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I woke up this morning, and my first thought was 'It's less then 18 weeks to my first The Wall concert this year'! I must have been dreaming something about Pink Floyd or The Wall. Too bad I can't remember it.
As I said, The Wall concerts are coming up soon. It feels like forever since the show was anounced, but the time has been running so fast the last 6 months, and with the exams coming up, the time will go by faster then I want it to. After my exams I have my b'day to look forward to, then I have to work a couple of weeks, and BOOM! In a blink of an eye, august will start and then it's only 14 days to go.. I am so exited, and the exitement will just grow!


We're all very exited to see 'The Wall' again 

Now, back to the song for a while! 'Vera' is a beautiful and rather short song on 'The Wall' album. 'Vera' is on cd 2 and it's the song before 'Bring the boys back home'. There is something special about these two songs. These are the songs that often gives me tears in my eyes. Such powerful songs. AND if you have seen Roger Waters The Wall concert, you surely remember the video you can see during the song. There are parents coming home from the war, and you see the reaction on their children when they realize that their daddy is finally home. There are many touching moments, but the one that always make my eyes wet is this litle girl sitting at her school desk, and she has no idea what is about to happend. First she looks really shocked, and then she starts to cry as she is standing up and heading for her father. The first time I saw the show, I was 'crying' pretty much all the time, but that part was just breathtaking!

This song is about a British singer called Vera Lynn. In the movie 'The Wall' they play one of her song called ' the little boy that santa claus forgot'. Also before Roger Waters live shows you can hera Vera Lynn's wonderful voice in 'We'll meet again'. 'Vera' is, of course, a song by Roger Waters, and he once said this about the song:
The stuff about Vera Lynn is a stream of unconsciousness, and it precedes what, for me, is the most important track on the album.

So Roger has always been a fan of his own songs with a great deal of strong meanings around war and politics, and as a great Roger Waters fan, I always agree with him. But as for David Gilmour, he said in year 2000 about the album:
There are some weaker sections - all that Very Lynn, Bring the boys back home stuff, for example.

Just so it's said, this was around the time when Roger took all the control over the band, and he'd fired Richard Wright, so there must have been some disagreemenst!

Very well, hope you feel like some 'The Wall' today! I certainly do! Have a wonderul tuesday!

From one of Roger's The Wall show

Does anybody here remember Vera Lynn?
Remember how she said that 
We would meet again 
Some sunny day?
Vera! Vera!
What has become of you?
Does anybody else here
Feel the way I do?

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