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A GREAT song from the album "Ummagumma" -> The studio album. It's Richard Wright who is the genius behind this song, which has 4 parts. They are called "Sysyphus pt1", "Sysyphus pt 2"... and so on. You get the picture! No special names for each of the parts.
The song, or these four parts, are the opening on the studio album. What a great way to start an album! You know you're up for a treat. The song is instrumental, and I must say, the song is not for everybody. It's mostly based on the really really interested people. There are all these familliar Pink Floyd sounds and experimenting with instruments and sounds. I think it is wonderful, of course, but if you'd listen to it a few times, I think you're gonna get facinated and you're gonna start like the song! The song is about 13:30 minutes long, so hopefully you can use about 14 minutes a few times and listen through it. I will highly recomand it!

Pink Floyd

I am a bit facinated by mythology, and the song is based on a person in the Greek mythology called Sisyphus (that does make sense!). Sisyphus was a king bein punished by being compelled to roll an immense boulder up a hill, only to watch it roll down again, and to repeat this action forever... The piece is what you can call a bit bizarre! And that's why I love it! When you listen to the song, you feel that you are almost following Sisyphus up the hill with the immense boulder, then to watch it roll all the way down the hill again. We can follow him back down, and then back up the hill.

The brilliant man behind this song, RICHARD WRIGHT

That's the ting about songs like this. Poeple don't want to listen to them because they reckon it's just noices and people who can't handle one single instrument. But if people would start to read about some of the songs, you'll may find the history behind the song, and then it is was easier to follow the song, and you are aslo able to wonder yourself what the song is about. That's the beauty of the band!

Here's the song! Listen and enjoy! AND, in the middle of part four, it almost sounds like the song is over, but then suddenly this scary, loud sound appear! Just be aware ;)
Other than that, enjoy!!

And I'm wishing you all a wonderful weekend!!

It would be great if some of you could leave me a comment of what you think about the song :) Love hearing other peoples opinions!

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