mandag 14. november 2011

How the life as a (crazy) Pink Floyd fan is

Everyone needs a hobby. A hobby you know you can spend hour after hour on. As you all may know, Pink Floys is my hobby. I don't know what my life would be like without the music of this band. I use the music almost everyday, no matter what mood I'm in. Even if I'm happy, sad, stressed, tired, hyper, I listen to Pink Floyd. The music helps me with feelings. If I'm sad, the music makes me smile. And when I'm happy, the music just makes me even happier!
Me 'kissing' Roger :p

My room is filled with Pink Floyd posters, flags, assecories etc. I need daily inputs of Pink Floyd. I know this sounds crazy, but everyone who has a hobby, probably feel the same, as long as the passion is strong enough!
Lucky me have a family and boyfriend and lots of friends who share my passion. The let me talk about what I love, as long as I don't take off whilst talking about it. It can be too much sometimes! But then again, I can't help myself! :)

My beautiful flag of the hammers! Bought at the Roger Waters gig in Berlin 2011

The things I love the most about Pink Floyd is that you always notice different things in some songs. Example: Atom heart mother, an instrumental masterpiece, there is so many different sounds and variation. At least the first 5 times you listen to it, you notice something new. And it's the same with lots of other songs.
Another fantastic thing is that the songs are built up in a way that no songs today is. Pink Floyd do have lots of songs that last for several minutes, some over 20 minutes. They also have some songs that last for less than a minute. Nothing is the same! And thats what I love. I wish I was born earlier, so I could experience the good music! I'm just glad my parents brought me up well!

My tattoo, and Bob Geldofs hand print! The Wall the movie is the best film that's ever made! Geldof played the role as Pink better than anyone else would do!

I'll see you on the dark side of the moon

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