onsdag 2. november 2011

Corporal Clegg

This crazy fantastic song, has been one of my favourite for a long long time. I'm a fan of the crazyness, and this song is filled with sounds from a kazoo... HAHA! yes, I think it's great!
The song is written by the master himself, Roger Waters, and it's a wacky number full of sarcastic humor.

Waters father had been killed during WWII at Anzio (has probably written about that before!) and this event would influence Roger's later writing as he became more obsessed with the obscenity of systemised violence (Tommy Vance said this in the book "Pink Floyd on record, on stage and on film 1965-2005).. It is, as you see, somewhat of a sarcastic song about what's wrong with war, and as they sing in the song "Corporal Clegg had a woden leg. He won it in the war, in 1944", so they are trying to make a point that it's not a prize to have a woden leg.. Or something like that. I really do like to figure out the meaning of the lyrics!
 The song is to be found at the album "A saucerful of secrets", so check it out!!

Oh how I wish that some Pink Floyd cover band would start to play this song live.. I would be in heaven!!

The fantastic four XxXx
Good night everybody

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