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This is the second song to be found on the album "Animals", and today I am going to give a credit to all of those brilliant guitar players who change their own strings on the guitar (I reckon David G is one of them!). I did it today, for the second time in my life. The first time didn't work out at all, so I just quit. Today I was about to give up, since the strings wasn't right for my guitar. They had a different way of how the strings should be fasten at the bottom at the guitar. They were built for a more fancy guitar. BUT I didn't give up! I just cut of the part that I did't need. My fingers are sore, and some of them are bleeding, so I just have to give some credit to those who are able to do this!

Me and David Kilminsters guitar!

Now, back to the song! I thougt it was ok to mention something about guitars today, since the song "Dogs" contains beautiful guitar play and solos! The song is written by David Gilmour and Roger Waters. Roger Waters made the lyrics while David made the music. What a duo... The song were actually called "You got to be crazy", witch also is the first line in the song. The song ended up being called "Dogs". It had now been formalised under it's new title as a song depicting the barbaric behaviour humans are capable of. The songs features noises of a barking dog, witch make the title clear!

"Animals" cover

This is one of the really long songs! It lasts for just over 17 minutes. And in this song I think they use 'dogs' as a metaphor for people in the 'high-class'. And not in a positive way, but in a way of how they destroy themselves and others by being obsessed by their own life, career and ego. The song concludes with these "Dogs" working themselves to death until they are "found dead on the phone" having been dragged down by "the stone", a metaphor for "the weight they used to need to throw around".
The song is sung by David until the 'last' part of the song ("Who was born in a house full of pain").

I didn't actually 'fall' for this song until I saw the Dvd "In the flesh" with Roger Waters in 2001. In this dvd and this song, it's Jon Carin who is 'taking' Gilmours part, and he does it great! He has a fantastic voice! I've actually seen Jon Carin 8 times at Roger Waters shows!
Jon Carin is playing the acuostic guitar, and on the solo it's Snowy White and Doyle Bramhal II whos playing. I will absolutely recomand everyone to buy that dvd!
Jon Carin on vocal and acoustic guitar

Doyle Bramhal to the left and Snowy White to the right

From the dvd "In the flesh" (part 1 of the song)

(part 2 of the song)

Sleep well ya'll!
And enjoy this clip under ;)

Just had to put this one here as well! This is Roger losing it during a show. haha, poor Roger.. Didn't want people to scream!

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