lørdag 15. august 2015

And then it was over

I never expected Pink Floyd to ever play together as a band ever again. But I've always been a dreamer. When they had the small reunion in London, 10 years ago, I really wanted to go. I did not get the oportunity, so I at least got to watch it on the telly. Live. Wich was awesome. But if I'd been there, I could have said that I saw them all together. In 2008, I knew I'd never had the chance, due to Richard Wright passing away. But I never gave up that tiny tiny hope that Roger, David and Nick would performe together - one last time.

Rick, Syd, Roger, Nick, David & Bob

The group as most people know them

And perform together they did, For one song at Roger's The Wall tour. David joined him on the top of the wall during "Comfortably numb". At the end of the show and during "Outside the wall", Nick Mason came on to the stage as well. So for a few precious moments, they were together again. I've seen "The Wall" live 16 times. At this show in London, I had ofc no chanse of going due to my exams. I still regret it, I could have taken the exams later. So that is something I will always regret. 

Cause as from today, Pink Floyd is broken up. David Gilmour and Nick Mason put together one last album last year under the name Pink Floyd. And that was the first album in 20 years. And clarely also the last one ever. I do really have mixed feelings about it. They have had an amazing career.
15 studia albums. 3 live albums. 27 singles. 4 video albums. Not to mention all live conserts and solo albums. They've done so much, it's hard to understand. So it's easy to be a fan. What's not to love about the band! You got so much to choose from. A lot of people in this world think of Pink Floyd as the band who wrote "Another brick in the wall pt.II", or "We don't need no education" which is what many people think it's called. But the truth is that Pink Floyd is so much more! It's an endless river of songs.

Gilmour said: "It has run it's course, we are done". Say if they were to continue together as a band. Would there be any more masterpieces to come? I didn't have high hopes for "The Endless River" album, but I was very very positively surprised! I love the album. But would the next one be good too? It is a big name that they've been carrying around on. So maybe it's time to let that go, and rather focus on their solo careers. 
Again, I would love nothing more than to see these guys together. But if that's never gonna happen, it's better to know. I've been hoping and waiting for so mnay years now, And now that I know it'll never happend, I can focus on being a fan of their solo work and keep traveling around the world to see them live. 

Sad news. The band of my dreams are officialy over. The good thing is that I'll always keep all the good memories I had in my life prior to the band. And the cd's and dvd's will always exsist. So there will always be a chance of listening and enjoying the greatest music ever made by the band who just broke up.

The dream is gone

R.I.P Pink Floyd. I will always love you, broken up or not. Shine on!

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