fredag 30. november 2012

The Wall

Happy anniversary to Pink Floyds eleventh studio album - "The Wall"! Today it is 33 years since the album was released, and the music history would change! No one had ever heard something like that, and it is such a powerful album, the songs are fading into each other, and that is why I mean that you should listen to the entire album, not just one songe here and one song there! Enjoy it and really listen to it. You will get a surprise over how good it really is! And if YOU are one of the lucky people who have a LP player and an old, original copy of the album, sit down, listen and enjoy.

Tonight I will enjoy the album by listening/watch concert clips from Roger Waters The Wall live tour on youtube! That is how I will spend my evening, and I will spend it with the love of my life and enjoy some wine and pizza as well. So that should be a good evening.
When I was walking to the kindergarten where I do my prac, I started listening to the live album "Is there anybody out there", and when I was walking back home, I continued. I feel so happy when I am listening to the most wonderful music ever made!

I'm so glad that me and my family got tickets already for the "The Wall" show next summer! We are already owners of 6 tickets (Oslo - two days, Gothenburgh, London, Dublin and Paris) so then we will celebrate the wonderful album. If you have seen the show or the movie "The Wall", you can see what masterpiece it is. The songs are great themselves, but the history behind and the animation just makes it even better. There is a character in the 'story' called Pink. Pink is a person based on Waters and Barretts lives. Pink lost his dad in the second world war - that is based on Roger Waters childhood. Pink is also getting into a hard life of rock'n roll - and that is something that remind me about Syd Barretts life. That's just my own thought. But there are, I think, several things that may have happend to Roger or Syd. And Nick Mason as well! He did not have a good teacher in primary school. Don't know if any of the boys had bad experiences in school, but some of them had, hence "Another brick in the wall, pt.2".

I wont be writing about each and every song today, but I would just wish the album, the producers and last but not lest, the band - happy anniversary!!! I know I will love this album for ever!! So thanks to all the people who was helping making this album happend!

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